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Thinking about buying a Q Carbon Race, any good?(3 posts)

Thinking about buying a Q Carbon Race, any good?alias 33
Mar 29, 2003 8:34 PM
I work in a bike shop and want to buy a q carbon race for myself. I can get it for a good price and I was wondering if its a good bike because we mainly deal in mt bikes. There are two other guys in the shop that have road bikes and they say kleins in general are good but I 'd like to know from someone that actually has one. I was also wondering if its worth upgrading to the q carbon team, the race is already at the top of my price range as it is!! I don't know what to do. I could also get a trek 2200 or maybe the 2300 if I could strech it. I will be riding in thursday night group rides and almost never race. Maybe avg. about 70 miles a week, and it'll be my very first road bike!
re: Thinking about buying a Q Carbon Race, any good?russw19
Mar 30, 2003 11:50 PM
The Kleins are super sweet. I don't own one, but have a friend on one and I have riden it. What you need to do is give a call to your outside Klein rep. Tell him/her you are looking at getting a bike of theirs and he/she will know your shop is mostly a mountain shop. Ask them if they have or can get hold of a demo bike in your size and see if they can arrange to have you test ride one for a day. Some of the reps will let you ride it for a week if you ask them and they have the bike. I work for a Fisher/LeMond dealer which as you know is still TCG, and I have an advantage that my outside rep is a friend I worked in a shop with a few years back. But most of those guys are cool and I am sure if you are not in a hurry, let them get you a bike to test out. What state are you in? And how good of terms is your shop with your Klein rep? That is what is gonna make the difference. If you are both a Klein and Trek dealer, ask your rep to bring one of each if possible or arrange to meet them somewhere close to both of you to set up a test ride. They will probably do it for you if you ask them right.

re: Thinking about buying a Q Carbon Race, any good?mbologna
Mar 31, 2003 5:52 AM
I ride a 2002 Klein Quantum (or did, until FedEx smashed it, but that's another topic!). In any case, I loved it. It was my first real road bike, so I can't compare to steel, carbon, etc, but it was very responsive and very fast. Kleins are very well made, and of course, the paint job is awesome. You can get other bikes with better components for the same money (my Quantum was about $1600 bucks with a triple and 105 components), but after testing several other brands, I went with the Klein and was very pleased

I ordered a Q-Pro Carbon as a replacement. The geometry is the same as last year's Quantum, but it has carbon seat stays and a carbon fork. I haven't ridden one, but I'll report once I get it. I tried the Q-Carbon race (that's the replacement for the Quantum, I think), but they changed to a compact geometry. Those bikes now have carbon seat stays and it does seem to smooth the ride quite a bit - I just don't like the compact frame. It did have the Klein feel though - very tight, responsive and fast.

I did a lot of research before selecting a Klein the first time, because I was new to the sport and had not heard of the brand. I'm sold on them now. Based on your post, I don't think I would spend any more funds. There is always a more expensive bike out there. Also, if you go with the Klein, I wouldn't spend the extra if you ride the Q-Carbon Race and are happy with the fit and how it feels. I think it comes with 105,and that is a perfectly fine group.

Good luck!