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Bike Mechanic school...(4 posts)

Bike Mechanic school...Raven1911
Mar 29, 2003 12:50 PM
I am interested in learning to work on my own bike. Does anyone know of any classes or schools on the subject? It would have to be a weekend class or something like that as I have to work and go to school during the week. How to bike mechanics at LBS learn their trade? I would rather like to learn from someone that is credible than out of a book. Any suggestions?

Try the Shiner Institutehycobob
Mar 29, 2003 1:03 PM
In the past, I have gone to the Shiner Institute when I needed to further my wrenching skills. The tuition is quite affordable and there are satellite locations nationwide. Just ask your LBS head wrench if he/she would like to drink copious amounts of Shiner Bock while "guiding you" through your bicycle repairs. There are other institutes available for your higher learning too; Fat Tire, Pete's, etc...but I recommend the Shiner Institute for that smooth Texas flavor.
spend your money on toolsgtx
Mar 29, 2003 2:54 PM
no offense to people who have gone to bike school, but I don't think they are worth the money. Most pro wrenches learned by doing, while working in shops. The worst mechanic I ever made the mistake of hiring while working as a service manager came from that school in Oregon (forgot the name). Bikes are super easy to work on if you have some mechanical inclination and the right tools. The main thing that separates pro wrenches from good home wrenches is speed. So I'd just say buy the Zinn book, some tools, a top quality repair stand (like the pro quality Park) and have at it. If you're scared to work on your spendy, super light bike, practice first on a cheap mtb or something.
Ditto...El Caballito
Mar 30, 2003 8:58 PM
I here that gtx. It seemed like everytime I walked into the LBS to have something fixed it was at least 30 bucks. Screw that! LBS dudes are cool and all but I was going broke. I bought the Zinn book and started working on all my friends' bikes and an old huffy I found in the alley. I not great at it yet, but at least if I break down somewhere I could pretty much mikey mouse it till I get home.

If anything try fixing it yourself first. If you screw up then take it in. At least that way you can ask them how to repair it.

Good Luck.