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Looking for bike rental(?) in Jacksonville FL area(2 posts)

Looking for bike rental(?) in Jacksonville FL areachipnseal
Mar 29, 2003 11:58 AM
Going on a quick spring break with the family to the Marriott Sawgrass Resort near Jacksonville. Too late to ship my Trek (we are flying) and I don't have the nice travel case either.

Any suggestions as to a shop in the area that might rent me a ride? Anyone here on the board in the area and want to rent/loan (I'll pay cash, Scotch, or old Spinerval tapes!)
I would work out some kind of deposit or something too.

The wife is going to be in some corporate meetings for a few days so I'll have lots of time...Seems like a waste of good weather to not ride, especially since we're coming from the midwest.
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re: Looking for bike rental(?) in Jacksonville FL arearussw19
Mar 30, 2003 10:21 AM
I live over in Gainseville, about an hour away, and just to let you know... it got freaking cold here today. Well, that's a relative term, but it was 80 yesterday and it's now in the 50's (54 right now) so that's a 30 degree drop which is drastic. My area, according to the weather channel, will be back into the high 70's on tuesday and the mid 80's by thursday. But today is cold, grey, and damp. It sucks being yesterday was so ideal. This weather today is precisely why I left the midwest.

Anyways, when you get in town, give Champion Fitness a call. They (if I remember right) are one of Jax bigger shops, and may rent you a bike. Also you may try calling Drew (used to be the owner, don't know if he still is) at Bike America. They have a store in St. Augustine (close to where you will be) and a store in Palm Coast (about 20 miles south of where you will be)and they may be able to help you. Here is their general email address... drop them a line and see if they can help you...

Good luck, and have fun!