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Decision made, thanks for the help.(1 post)

Decision made, thanks for the help.Charlie Amerique
Mar 29, 2003 11:00 AM
Of course I'll be asking for more and sharing my ride stories as I embark on my return to road riding.

My fianceé and I decided on a pair of Litespeed Sienas with Ulterga kits and 7701 wheels.
Marinoni was a 3 month wait for the frames, Argon18s felt "dead" to me, Klein was having "shipping problems" (actually, I think the bike shop was having recieveing problems, but either way we weren't getting the bikes).

I was reading here when someone (lowcel) brought up the Siena and so I called my buddy in San Francisco (number 1 Litespeed dealign in SF) and talked ot him. Since he had both of our measurements and knew us both well, he did recommend the Siena as well.

Now the wait is more like 2-3 weeks rather than 2-3 months, we're getting a killer deal on them and will get to build them up ourselves (Annie is looking forward to that very much and it'll put some good karma into our bikes).

Again, thanks for the info and I'll post some pictures when we get the stuff up here.