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Well After all the Nitpicking Buying a Giant Composite TCR1(3 posts)

Well After all the Nitpicking Buying a Giant Composite TCR1BaadDawg
Mar 28, 2003 6:40 PM
I have posted plenty of questions and results of inquiries and investigations and I have made a decision after much soul searching.

Giant TCR1 Composite.

It doesn't have a triple from (which I would prefer)
I can't put any panniers for touring (which I may want to do one day not now)

It has Shimano (Ultegra) not Campagnolo (Centaur)

It might be a bit too aggressive riding style for me in 15 years when I'm 66

I haven't even test ridden it although I did try a TCR aluminum on a trainer today

But I just plain love the way this bike looks, the aluminum feels great on the trainer, and everyone says the composite goes and climbs like stink and is comfortable over the long haul. And its the best value for money carbon out there.

Will let people know when I receive it.

Have a question I may post again as a stand alone.

Computers. I want cadence and cordless is a big plus for me, but it seems alot of people don't find the FliteDeck all that good. Any other computer I should look at (wired I assume) that have easy to read displays and cadence and other good features? Altimeter is not a big deal for me.
Mar 29, 2003 7:52 AM
I see you also posted this on Hope you don't get flamed by the retrogrouches over there :-) .
Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it...Matno
Mar 29, 2003 8:29 PM
Hard to go wrong with a bike that nice. Especially if you like the way it looks! (I admit to occasionally putting form before function myself...)

As for a computer, I don't know what the deal is with Flight Deck computers. Most of the complaints I've seen have been due to two things: the older 6500 head which doesn't allow multiple wheel sizes or entering in odometer mileage after a battery change; and the older two buttons on one side setup, which apparently made the buttons easy to accidentally push. Far as I can tell, the newer setups effectively eliminate these problems. Virtual cadence, IMO, is every bit as good as actual cadence. Better, in fact, in that it lets you know when to start pedaling again to avoid letting your cadence get too slow (but still allow you to take a quick breather). Final caveat: I've never used one. I just ordered one and it's on the way. I just wish I could afford the cordless harness. I love the clean look too!

If you don't like the FlightDeck, Vetta just came out with a computer that has wireless cadence. I think it's the 100 model (or something like that).

If you go wired, the Cateye Astrale is a classic that works very well. There are also a few other computers out there that allow you to have a wireless speed sensor (no wires on the fork) with wired cadence (hey, at least it's LESS wires!)