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Peterson Powerbeds - This can't be right(5 posts)

Peterson Powerbeds - This can't be rightGMS
Mar 28, 2003 4:27 PM
I just got some Peterson Powerbeds in the mail, and they are literally a quarter of an inch thick in some places. My old soles were too thick and caused my foot to get smashed into my shoe with no circulation to my toes whatsoever. With stock insoles they fit fine.

I am now wondering if I got the correct Peterson Powerbeds or not. They are red, instead of green as pictured. They say "Comfort Plus - Peterson Footbed" on the package.

I'm beginning to think that the reason people like these insoles is that they save your butt if you bought a shoe that was a whole size (or four) too big.

Is there a quality insole that doesn't change the fit of the shoe? Superfeet gray (gray is thinner than blue, right?) maybe? Please tell me if I am missing something on these Petersons, but I don't even want to cut them at this point.

Thank you.
Might check REI--they carry a bunch of them.Silverback
Mar 28, 2003 5:19 PM
None of our LBS's carry insoles at all, but the REI store has a mess of them, from cushy super-thick to thin with a little arch. I got a gift cert for Christmas and couldn't find anything else I really needed, so I bought three pairs of soles, for my running shoes, hiking boots and mountain bike shoes. Made everything more comfortable.
re: Peterson Powerbeds - This can't be rightDINOSAUR
Mar 28, 2003 5:20 PM
I use Superfeet Green, I believe that the blue's are a little thinner, the grays are thinner and narrower and the heels are lifted a tad. I've had good luck with the greens and grays. The greens are more general purpose and I believe the blues are inbetween as far as thickness. The greens break down a little and conform to the shape of your foot. With the grays I just have to cinch my velcro straps a little snugger than the greens. Superfeet has a website, click on it and you can find a dealer near you, a lot of drug stores stock them. I've had good luck with the Superfeet green. The grays are recommended for road cycling, but the greens offer more cushioning...
re: Peterson Powerbeds - This can't be rightDaveG
Mar 29, 2003 6:36 AM
I use the Peterson Powerbeds in both my road and mtn shoes. Both are green. While they might be close to 1/4" thick at the arch they are more like 1/8" overall. Performance and Excel both sell them.
Get Carnac's "conform'able"blanchaa
Mar 29, 2003 11:29 AM
I have used petersons and agree they are too thick for cycling. They always lifted me out of the heel cup. Carnac has some that I really like and are thin but they are hard to find. They are blue. Good Luck.