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My riding dilema(3 posts)

My riding dilemaUcannotBsirius
Mar 28, 2003 11:50 AM
The weather here in the UK has been stunning for the last few weeks, it's been dry and sunny and warm (up to 20decC some days, insane for March!). This means the roads are bone dry, but also so are the trails. The local singletrack is just sooo sweet right now, never seen it so good this early in the year.

My dilema is due to having 2 young kids I have limited riding time, maybe 6-7 hours a week tops. I bought a new Litespeed road bike last Autumn which is just superb and I want to ride it as much as possible. Equally, it is a waste not to ride the trails when they are soo good, and I love riding my top end MTB too (Orange Sub5 Pro, damn fine English-built full susser).

My fitness is quite good from a winter of road riding but my trail skills are apalling. If I ride on the road I keep up with my riding mates, off-road they leave me for dust once the trail gets technical (and they are seriously technical round here!).

So it's the constant argument in my head - road / off road, road / off-road, road / off-road.

Why is it that at a time in life when I can afford a stable of high-end bikes I have the least time to actually ride them.

Hey buddyStevieP
Mar 28, 2003 11:59 AM
Just go with whatever your heart tells you and whichever gives you the most satisfaction and fun for the time that you have.

Remember, the trails are only dry for a short time and you will have your Litespeed to enjoy forever. Also, the less time you ride it the longer it will look new:-)

You also have to bear in mind what your cycling buddies are doing at this time of year. Whats more important to you -time with your buddies AND your Orange or time alone with your Litespeed and rusty trail abilities (demoralising) when you do decide to spend time with your buddies/Orange.

Now stop wasting time, get the Orange running nice & smooth & dont be late for our 9am meeting tomorrow where we'll rip that nice dry singletrack!

Steve (your long serving riding buddy)
Ride on mate!! nmUcannotBsirius
Mar 28, 2003 12:02 PM