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A beautiful dream and cold, harsh reality....(2 posts)

A beautiful dream and cold, harsh reality....girchygirchy
Mar 28, 2003 7:57 AM
I really, REALLY hate those wonderful dreams where you get something cool, or everything's going just right, and then poof. Lately I've been on a vintage bike kick, working with my dad's old 3-speed, a '70s Peugeot roadie, and I'm trying to buy an old Mongoose mt bike from a friend.

Last night, I dreamt that I took a normal trip to the LBS to look around and chat, and noticed a beautiful blue classic Serotta with Campy drivetrain in the back. I don't even know why it was a Serotta...I know nothing about them other than the fact I've heard the name on here.

So I asked John, the owner, some questions about it. He said he was selling it for $50, but he would give it to me for $20. Holy $%#&. Needless to say, I was then the owner of a gorgeous '70s Serotta in my favourite shade of blue. Words cannot express how happy I was.

Then I woke up....I almost started crying.
re: A beautiful dream and cold, harsh reality....NewDayNewWay
Mar 28, 2003 6:46 PM
I picture myself biking down mountain roads every night while falling asleep. You might think my wife would think that I was nuts, but she's been married to me long and knows better. This underscores how much I love biking. I hope there are bikes in heaven.