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Lance and his quote...(5 posts)

Lance and his quote...Ride-Fly
Mar 28, 2003 12:58 AM
I know this topic was addressed before and I have to admit I didn't read all of your responses- just read the lead post so I apologize if someone else has already mentioned this thought. I read the article from USA Today where Lance was quoted that caused such a stir among us. OK, here is my take on what Lance "meant" when he said "I don't represent one side or the other, I do represent a sponsor (meaning of course USPS)" In no way did I read into that as Lance meaning he was not "representing" the USA or France. Or even on a tangent persective, USA or Iraq. What I understand Lance to be referring to was the Pro-war vs. Anti-war "side". I guess you could make the argument that Pro= USA and Anti= France but I think whoever were to make that argument would be stretching it. After all, we on this forum seem vastly divided on this issue. Enough said on this issue. Peace (war is sometimes a neccessary instrument to effect peace- sad but true!) Ride ON!!!
Good points.jesse1
Mar 28, 2003 3:33 AM
Also - I'd have to say that with him being in the spotlight, and with his personal situation, as well as the pressure he puts on himself, I'd rather be the lowly rider I am than trade places with him. His stress level has got to be incredably high.
re: Lance and his quote...Helduser
Mar 28, 2003 7:55 AM
That's what I supposed the interpretation should be but the way it was reported kind of left one to wonder. I love the United States and I'm a proud American. I wouldn't want to have any reason to not fully appreciate my favorite American rider. I read and really enjoyed Lance's book 'It's not about the bike'. He truly is an American hero for his work for cancer survivors as well as his abilities on the bike.
re: Lance and his quote...DJThug
Mar 28, 2003 10:17 AM
Maybe I'm just a little cranky this morning, but I'm sick of people spouting off on an issue, beating a dead horse, putting in their two cents, THEN adding "Enough said on this issue."
The fact of the matter is that enough had already been said on the issue before you blew your horn. Now, MORE than enough has been said.
I don't think you're "just cranky" are just an A$$Ride-Fly
Mar 28, 2003 10:22 PM
go back and read what I wrote. I wasn't making an issue of Lance's statement like some here and in the media. It seems that some people want to jump on Lance's case every chance they get- something which I clearly was not doing. I don't think I was "spouting off or beating a dead horse". Yes I was adding my 2 cents but that is what message boards are all about so like it or not, I'll add my 2 cents whenever I please. If you don't like it, tough shi'ite.