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Some many posts, so few reviews(3 posts)

Some many posts, so few reviewsApplejuice
Mar 27, 2003 2:08 PM
It has been interesting to watch this site develop over the years (those of you who remember Roadies Rejoice on can relate).

But I have noticed that this site generates tremendous posting volume. I mean, the lifespan of a post is even shorter than mtbr. Considering that mtbr has way more visitors, that tells you that this community is very active.

However, there are relatively few reviews. Looking at components and bikes, many products have zero reviews. And I'm not talking about oddball stuff, I mean Shimano and Campagnolo products.

This leads me to conclude that people have found greater value in the postings and information exchange than the actual reviews. Perhaps it shows that the visitors are more informed and experienced - in essence, many know what they want and searching for information on secondary issues such as fit, compatibility, installation, etc.

Just my humble observations.
you're probably rightFrith
Mar 27, 2003 6:29 PM
when you say that the reviews aren't as heavily relied upon as the actual information exchange because roadies tend to know what they want already. Mountain biking is different in three ways
A)It's relatively new... There isn't the tradition in quality. A Quality label is gained or lost by having several people buy a product then decide if it held up to the tests. In road biking something like Campagnolo or Colnago gains a reputation over many years and it almost becomes expected that the quality will be there.
B)In Mountain biking there are soooo many products. It's like going to a large automotive store to buy something to clean your car with...Your faced with a wall of choices ultimitely you give up. There are enough mountain biking products that it really necessitates a review type system.
C)The products are put through more rigorous everyday use. Beaten up repeatedly until it fails. In road biking a frame or other component that isn't quite up to scratch quality wise might last years before any significant problems are revealed.
That might be why...not sure...but it's interesting to think about.
you're probably rightrussw19
Mar 28, 2003 1:44 AM
There are a lot more companies making aftermarket parts for mountain bikes than road bikes. There are more types of bikes and more bike companies. And there are even more component companies too. With so many companies and so many types of bikes and so many different terrains to ride on and a specific bike or part for each... well, it just makes more sense that there are so many more reviews. Compared to mountain bikes, road bikes are pretty straight forward.