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Bitten by Campy or The Bullitus!(8 posts)

Bitten by Campy or The Bullitus!Juanmoretime
Mar 27, 2003 12:50 PM
After building up the Schwinn Peloton as a fun project and riding it. I found that I really liked the Campy Chorus set up. I rode my Vortex yesterday, full Dura Ace and really didn't like the way the shifters shifted and the ergonomic fit. I just ordered the kit to convert my Vortex to the same Record, Chorus mix as my other bike with the exception of my wheels, I really like them so I ordered a Wheels Manufacturing cassette coversion cassette. Am I crazy thinking that Campy is that much better.
not crazy, merely personal preferencelonefrontranger
Mar 27, 2003 1:22 PM
I was a Campag / Mavic rider almost exclusively into the mid-90's. *Loved* the early Ergo stuff. Circumstances and economics forced me to switch to STI for about a five-year period. When I returned to Record 10 in 2001, I wondered why I hadn't switched sooner. Don't get me wrong, the STI levers work well and Dura-Ace is superb stuff, but my personal ergonomics and small hands favor the Ergo much better. I also got tired of rattling Ultegra levers and really weary of replacing rear mech return springs once or twice per season at whatever component level (MTB or road). I love the solid feel of my Record shifters, but in truth I can't really tell much diff. between the Record on roadie and the Centaur (Daytona) on my 'cross, tho it seems the Record is a tad smoother (BB-system or just psychological, who can tell?).

I have known racers who used and genuinely tried to like Ergopower shifters and wound up hating them, often 'cos their personal ergonomics meant they couldn't get to the mouse ear from the drops.

After talking to the Navigators' guy and the fellow who put my Dream together, I was amused by how they both claimed they were pleasantly suprised how easily Record stuff installs and adjusts; these are guys who had never worked much with Campag before. As a former shop rat, I also like how Campag is stupid easy to "reboot"; i.e. if the customer or your teenage rookie wrench has managed to really hose up the adjustments, you simply set everything (limit screws, barrel adjusters etc...) back to "default" (neutral), uncable the bike, lube the housing, then reinstall the cables at normal tension and presto! 99% of the time you have a flawlessly shifting bike. Somehow working with Shimano stuff never seems to be that simple, particularly STI triple front mechs (bleh!).

My SO's 2000 Dream Plus had Record installed 3 years ago, and aside from a new chain and some housing lube, he's not had to touch the mechs; they are as solid as the day the bike was built. My own Record stuff has been the same. The Centaur on the 'crossie has needed a bit of adjustment here and there and a re-cable, but it takes far less babysitting than my Ultegra ever needed. I chalk this up to abuse, dirt, random crashing and the general task load of a 'cross / commuting rig.
Campy "re-boot" ...PdxMark
Mar 27, 2003 2:03 PM
is a comfort to hear about. I've done almost no work on my bikes - leaving it all to folks at the LBS. I'd decided to start doing more stuff on my own, but was wary of really hosing up the adjustments. Thanks for the tip ... now I can hose things with peace of mind.
hose awaylonefrontranger
Mar 27, 2003 5:39 PM
it's the only way you learn after all. With a new gruppo, you really should only have to play a bit with the barrel adjusters unless things are far out of whack. Here's an easy barrel adjuster tip:

For rear mech barrel adjustments, don't pay attention to some complex geek explanation out of the bike manuals as to what tightens or loosens the cable, mech springs, blah, blah. Simply stand at the back of the bike looking towards the rear mech. Shift the bike into the most central cog (this would be 5 on a 9-speed drivetrain; either 6th or 5th on 10-speed works). Look carefully at how the rear mech aligns with the cog, it should be dead centered. Close your non-dominant eye if you have cross-dominance issues or you will never get this right. If the mech is centered a tad off to the left (inside), turn the barrel adjuster clockwise (i.e. turn the barrel adjuster away from the wheel) by miniscule, like 1/8 turn increments, to solve. If you turn the cranks while you do this, you will also hear the chain noise diminish while you do the adjustment. If it's a tad off to the right, do the opposite. You are essentially turning the barrel adjuster slightly in the opposite direction of the misalignment - logical, no?

Most of the time after a 'reboot' and with proper cable tension (snug but not overly tight), I find Campag stuff to be "set and forget".
Cool... thanks... nmPdxMark
Mar 27, 2003 5:54 PM
Welcome to the lightcarpe_podium
Mar 27, 2003 1:22 PM
I really like the way the Campy shifters feel too. I just did a similar thing with my bikes.
re: Bitten by Campy or The Bullitus!JS Haiku Shop
Mar 27, 2003 1:25 PM
I had the same reaction after riding shimano for ~4 years and then purchasing my merckx with chorus 10. granted, i'd never used better than 105. i now have an ultegra 9 bike and a chorus 10 bike.

these thoughts lasted the length of the "gee whiz/new bike" aura; i now like chorus and ultegra equally (not to say that they're equal, as i feel chorus is superior cosmetically and perhaps in quality), and feel each is suitable for its own purpose or on its own merit.

the next bike i finish will be ultegra 9.
You made it.No_sprint
Mar 27, 2003 1:58 PM
I've got Record 10 and DA 9. I've posted it here before, my Shimmy stuff simply sees regular shop time and seems to always have something a little bit off. My Campy rig has not seen one shop trip.

I'm changing my DA bike to Chorus 10 later this season. All I need is BB, cranks, shifters, ders and chain. I'll leave the brakes til later. I've got plenty of Campy wheels.

In the end, it's just preference. I've never said Campy is hands down better. My Rec 10 setup slams into gear whereas Shimmy is silkier smooth in comparison.