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Odd things happening with rear wheel(5 posts)

Odd things happening with rear wheelUncleMoe
Mar 27, 2003 10:44 AM
I busted a spoke a few months back on my front wheel, but both wheels needed a little TLC so I brought them in to get trued and to replace the broken spoke.

I can't say if this problem existed before I had the rear wheel trued, but when I put it into the dropouts, the wheel is not centered. It is a few millimeters closer to the left side of the bike.

That is issue #1. Does this mean the wheel was not dished properly by the LBS?

Issue #2 - The wheel isn't staying secure in place. Commuting home last night I heard a rubbing noise. Stopped to see what it was, and the wheel had moved a little and was now rubbing on the left side of the frame. I loosed the QR and pulled it back into place. I'm pretty sure I had the QR tightened enough. Can dropouts get damaged where they QR isn't effective?
Rear Wheel IssuesPsyDoc
Mar 27, 2003 11:28 AM
I had issue#1 happen to me where the rear wheel was a couple of mm's off to one side. Turns out the LBS did not dish the wheel properly. As for issue #2, you may not have the QR as tight as you think. Or, did you clean the rear dropouts with pledge or something that might leave a slippery residue?
Rear Wheel IssuesUncleMoe
Mar 27, 2003 11:35 AM
Would it be reasonable to bring the wheel back to the LBS and expect him to redish it for free. He only charged $20 to replace the spokes on the front wheel and to retrue both wheels. I thought $20 was really inexpensive.

I'll check on the dropouts if it feels slippery. The last time I cleaned the bikes I did put some cleaner on it to prevent as much dirt build-up on the frame. Maybe that is affecting it. It is due for another cleaning anyway.
re: Odd things happening with rear wheelFredrico
Mar 27, 2003 11:59 AM
Your LBS wheel builder will certainly deny it, but the logical explanation for this problem: 1. He did not dish the wheel enough. 2. He did not tension the spokes on the freewheel side enough to hold the rim from shifting off-center toward the left.

It is often difficult on an old wheel to turn the spokes on the freewheel side of a rear wheel. They are shorter, therefore must be tighter to keep the rim from shifting toward the left side, slightly longer spokes. If they are the same tension as the left side spokes, the rim will work itself over to the left side.

If you have a centering gauge, I would almost put money on the wheel being out of dish, the rim off-center to the left. I bet the bike doesn't keep in a straight line when you take your hands off the bars, either, right?

Nothing wrong with the dropouts. The wheel builder blew it, and should burn in hell.
re: Odd things happening with rear wheelKlein_man
Mar 27, 2003 3:17 PM
I have had a similar problem with my mountain bike. My previous Bontrager Mustang rim (laced to STX-RC) was slightly to the left. I switched to Velomax Rogue's this past winter and noticed the same thing. From the previous replies, I am thinking about checking the dish, and if that is fine, probably the frame alignment too.