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Assos bib shorts: Evo or Campionissimo ?(5 posts)

Assos bib shorts: Evo or Campionissimo ?Tahoe Gator
Mar 27, 2003 9:02 AM
Assos seems to have two comparably featured and priced bib shorts in their lineup: "Campionissimo" and "Evo" (I believe most of the reviews herein are for the Campionissimo; the newer Evo is marketed as having "flexible" insert). Looking to have one great pair of shorts for really long rides, but since these cost so much, want to make the right choice. Anyone with experience on either or ability to compare would be appreciated.
Assos Bib T Shorts...bnlkid
Mar 27, 2003 10:56 AM
Are more comfortable than the Campionissimo and less expensive. The Campionissimo are comfortable, but the leg elastic is a little tighter than the Bib T. I haven't tried the Evo shorts, so can not provide a comparison. You could save about $50 if you go with the Bib T.
Correction: "FI.13" or "Campionissimo" ?Tahoe Gator
Mar 27, 2003 11:00 AM
noted on the Assos website that their new bib shorts are called "F1.13", so the comparison is that line to the "Campionissimo". Thanks
re: Assos bib shorts: Evo or Campionissimo ?morency
Mar 28, 2003 1:20 AM
I use all types of bib shorts from Assos, the best is undoubtable their FI.13, not only the chamois is better but also the special lycra (more stretchable). The campionissimo has a good chamois but really needs to be used with "chamoisbutter". The EVO edition of their campionissimo is preferable (nicer fit on shoulders).
Their Bi-tread inserts are worth nothing! So don't waste your money on those.
F1:13s are the way to go if you have $ColnagoFE
Mar 28, 2003 8:20 AM
The chamois is less bulky than the others you mention, but then again some places are selling the Evos for cheaper now that the new model is out. These are the best bibs I've ever worn comfort-wise, but personally I'd rather have 4 pair of Performance Elite bibs than shell out the $200 again for a pair of the Assos.