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EBAY - SCAM(4 posts)

EBAY - SCAMDeanMoriarty
Mar 24, 2003 11:30 PM
I bidded on a Trek 5900 2002, painted in 2003 colors, bidding went beyond my wallet. Next day I get an email from "Generous Seller" selling "Similar Bike." We exchange several emails. The deal seems good... Too good..... turns out he wants Western Union money order sent to the UK. Upon receipt , "Generous Seller" would FED EX my new Trek 5900 2003 size 56 for $2395.00...... Get F*cked. Anyone got a used 2002 5900 or 5500 02 or 03 wanting to sell?
have fun with itfiltersweep
Mar 25, 2003 4:43 AM
I didn't know fed ex existed in the UK... I've always received items by royal post or DHL....

Have fun with it if you know you won't get sucked back in... tell the seller you have an uncle in the UK that lives in the same city and ask if he can pick it up in person for you (and even mention that with the money you are saving on the bike, you can afford a trip to the UK to visit him).

Or, ask for all sorts of crazy pics... say that you have been burned by an identical scam in the past, and ask for some high res pics that contain today's newspaper front page...

...or ask a ton of very obscure component questions that only a Trek expert would know the answer to...

...or ask if he would accept an escrow service at your expense (with the money you are saving)- see if the seller flinches
There's a TON of this going on now on eBay....davet
Mar 25, 2003 5:58 AM
.. people are "hijacking" a closed auction and resubmitting it as their own, responding to e-mails with incredible offers to sell you the bike well below established prices. The offenders are in France, Canada, Spain and some East Euro countries. If you look at their auction, they have just registered, usually the same day as the auction started and have ZERO feedback. At the end of the description of their auction they always say "e-mail me" or something to that effect so they can make you the low-ball offer on this fabulous bike. They want you to send the money via Western Union money transfer. (that in itself is a HUGE red flag!) Be very careful! If it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is!
Yes, looks like one team with a few items in Canada, I'mSpunout
Mar 25, 2003 9:51 AM
working on blowing up that group. Problem is, if it is not a private auction, the first bidders are the same seller anyways! I tried e-mailing one, and had a return error 'does not exist'.

So, If I decide to obliterate my userid, I just may stinkbid the whole batch.