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My 6 year old 853 - Threads on a post card please(11 posts)

My 6 year old 853 - Threads on a post card pleasewackycyd
Mar 24, 2003 1:55 PM
Just thought I'd post a picci of my road bike, a 6 year old, please note: just been resprayed, hence the lack of stone chips, but i'm working on them!!

Frame is full 853 TiG, tear drop top tube and seat stays, aero d/t, o/s chainstays, solid as a rock as someone once sang, womack and womack????????, dunno, still irritates to this day though, song that is, frame/bike is cool.
Profile BRC (threaded steerer) carbon forks, originally bought with frame all them years ago, thought i'd go with threaded 'cause i still prefer the optin of having a choice with stem height for them there hills or the flats, so to speak, grouppo, half of you ain't gonna like this is Camp. Record, only 9 speed but it's good enough for me!!, Syncros Titanium pin, flite gel saddle, ITM big-one stem, Modolo 8x X-Tenos bars, for which are the best design ever, yes, EVER, especially hwne climbing, for multiple hand positions etc, open pro ceramic rims, only chorus hubs, as the record hubs went onto some reflex sprint rims for racing, vittoria open corsa cx's, altex tubes - naturally, altough i is gonna ditch 'em as i'm fed up of their unreliabilty, i.e. puncturing when pumping 'em up, ciussi cages, and the newest edition of all, and this is where Mr Campy goes out of the window, are a set of Ultegra spd-sl pedals - yes, I would have gone for the DA's but thought 2 pairs of Ultegra's were better than 1 pair of DA's, a good evaluation on my part I think, lol, and they are just fantastic to use, easy access, enough float and look the dogs wotsits.

Hope ya like it, well i ain't that fussed if you don't it does the trick and more and'll have you off if i ever meet you at woodbank traffic lights on the 1/4 mile drag strip!!
I like that - brighter than my 12 year old 753!!toomanybikes
Mar 24, 2003 2:11 PM
Is Cougar a local builder?

Like the paint, my 12 year old pink and black 753 needs a re-spray!!

It's all campy record, cinelli quill stem, cineli mod. 66 bar, pro-fit pedals and Wolber rims (how's that for a blast from the past!!).
I like that - brighter than my 12 year old 753!!wackycyd
Mar 24, 2003 3:05 PM
ahh, but not much brighter than my other baby!!!

EM SLX, brand new, purchased it approx a month ago, frame that is, which is/was an ex. 7-Eleven, Hampsten and co, late '80's, for an unbelievable price, bargain of the year I'd say, but shan't tell you lot how much, the components are off an ex. ton ton tapis team Gios I had, but for which a so called friend trashed for me, no longer a friend.

Enough any Q's ask away.

Mar 24, 2003 3:25 PM
I love that bike!

I loved them when the boys rode them in the old days and it's just as beautiful today.

I'll take the beautiful older ones like that any day over som eof the newer stuff.
Gorgeous!! - pity i missed this one i tell ya.....wait 4 it, GO!wackycyd
Mar 24, 2003 3:42 PM
the EM does ride differently to the 853, it's natural it's Columbus SLX, but still as steady a s a rock, i'd still, and will race the EM, more like try to, and'll enjoy the ride more for the fact that it is a classic '80's frame, pity i sold my stars 'n stripes Ciocc to a guy in NZ, D'OH!!

Anyone got a Gianni Motta DuPont SLX out there???????........size 54 > 57cm perhaps???????/.............if so give us a shout, KK?

is Cougar a brand??Akirasho
Mar 24, 2003 2:15 PM
Interesting ride, but I've never heard of "Cougar".

Could you pass along a bit more on the builder?

Be the bike.
Try this link - built by Paul Donohue in the UKUcannotBsirius
Mar 24, 2003 2:44 PM
is Cougar a brand??wackycyd
Mar 24, 2003 3:00 PM
yes, Terry Dolan, used to build frames for boardman, local lad round these parts, and a few other top riders in the UK, originally owned Cougar back in the '80's to early '90's then Donohue took over, need I say anymore Mr Donohue????

Anyway, I had her built at the same time Donohue was building the Brite team bikes, the flattened stays and tear drop t/t were a custom run, no longer available, which is a pity, as they're different to standard round tubes and so give the bike a sleak look about it.

I had the head tube sti/ergo cable guides added at the same time as per the respray, which was a copy of a team Carrera frame in the mid 90's, looks good i think.

Maybe you should call it a Mellancamp istead? NMcyclist of all trades
Mar 24, 2003 7:06 PM
re: My 6 year old 853 - Threads on a post card pleaseTimo Vennonen
Mar 24, 2003 11:34 PM
Nice to see another Donohue-built bike around. It looks almost exactly the same as my 4 year old 853. The only difference I can tell is that mine has a round top tube. It's a sweet bike, I actually liked it so much that I ordered a 853 hardtail from Bishop Auckland, too.

The goods are good, but the customer service I experienced was beyond poor. The road bike purchase was quite alright, but with the mtb frame I was really left pissed off. I really hope that they have improved on that front.
853 Mega Millenniumwackycyd
Mar 26, 2003 3:08 PM
yeh, can't fault the frame at all, build is good, welds included, so no qualms there, other than, as you say so yourself, customer service is par non, by that i mean non existant, and i'll leave it at that, lol.

what colour you got yours?............a splash of new paint every other year works wonders all round, by that i refer to both rider and frame, & still a cheaper option than a new frame.