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Brooks or Lepper Saddles -----(10 posts)

Brooks or Lepper Saddles -----toomanybikes
Mar 24, 2003 1:52 PM
Anybody here use Brooks or Lepper saddles??

I used BRooks years ago and am thinking of going back to it for my 'cross bike.

Interested in people's experiences of late, particularly with the weather.
Leppers used to tend to break at the saddle rails.OldEdScott
Mar 24, 2003 2:01 PM
Lots of dealers quit carrying them for that reason. No recent experience, so they may have corrected the problem. They sure are good looking saddles, though.

If you used to like Brooks, you probably still will. I think they're great. I try to keep mine dry, but things happen, and even with a couple of good soakings I've never had a long-term problem. Just let it dry naturally and ride on.
Leppers used to tend to break at the saddle rails.toomanybikes
Mar 24, 2003 2:15 PM
Thanks Ed, I agree on the Leppers - very nice looking.

I really liked those Brooks way back when - I am going to be in Vancouver this week and can get my hands on a new one - just wanted to make sure people still liked them.
Leppers design change in progressStampertje
Mar 25, 2003 12:25 AM
I've had two Lepper Voyagers, the old chromoly tubular rails model and the new Voyager Ti. Both were extremely comfortable and broke within 500 miles.

The chromoly rail saddle broke right at the weld points - the tube just cracked at the welds. The second one (the Ti rail one) broke just last week. The rail under the rear of the saddle broke just outside the weld points. The (internet) store I bought it from said that Lepper were changing the design, moving the weld points out to the sides to decrease the lever arm and prevent this sort of breakage.

They sent me a replacement saddle right away - Lepper have a 1 year warranty policy, I believe - but it's still the old style, of course. If this one breaks they told me to send it in and they would send me a new design Voyager as soon as it comes out.

I've also used a Brooks Conquest which I really like. It took much longer to break in than the Leppers but it's rock solid and almost as comfortable after 500 miles. Unfortunately, I have no access to the bike it's on at the moment.

At the Dutch bike show, Lepper had a whole new collection of saddles. It looks like they're trying to take a share of the market with saddles that looked a lot like the Conquest and the B66. They've been mostly oriented towards the commuter (padded saddles) and heavy-duty users until now. Their biggest saddle, and one that has been around for a while, would give even the Brooks B90/3 a scare. You mostly see them on "bakfietsen" - not sure there's a translation but imagine a cross between a bicycle and a pick-up truck (with the bed in front).
Leppers used to tend to break at the saddle rails.kilimanjaro
Mar 24, 2003 2:17 PM
On there was a thread (I started) asking the same question. One of the respondents said that his Lepper broke at the rails a few months ago, possibly because the clamp section is much longer than Brooks. Don't know when the Lepper purchase was made originally or how many miles the rider had on them. FYI
Leppers used to tend to break at the saddle rails.Pjkad
Mar 24, 2003 5:32 PM
I used a Lepper Ti last year for about 3500 miles. It was my first experience with leather saddle and it was terrific...very comfortable for long multi day rides. It conforms to your particular butt and is suspended over a frame to really absorb shock. HOWEVER, as the reports above indicate, the frame under the rear of the saddle broke at two points. It was usable but lost much of its suspension value. I had no problem getting a replacement under warranty. But I have not mounted it yet and have been temporarily using Body Geometry Comp. I've ordered the new Saddleco Flow saddle (due in next week) which seems to have the potential of the suspension effect of the Lepper with more durability, light weight, and air cooling of my bottom end. We'll see.
I worry about rain on my Brooks, but it doesn't seem to hurtcory
Mar 24, 2003 4:23 PM
I've had a Brooks Pro for at least 20 years, on several bikes, and it's still almost like new--you can see wear, but not feel it beyond the "broken in" stage. Two other bikes have B-17s, which are a little more comfortable in my advancing years, but not enough to brag about.
The Pro and one of the 17s (on a commuter) have been in the rain many times. I Proofide them, bottom and top, about twice a year and protect them from spray/rain most of the time (plastic bag w/rubber band around the seatpost), but by no means always. The only concession I've made to their leatherness is not to ride them when they're soaking wet. No problems so far.
re: Brooks or Lepper Saddles -----tarwheel
Mar 25, 2003 5:29 AM
I bought a used Lepper saddle last spring and rode about 2000 very comfortable miles on it before it broke, similar to what others described. The rivets that hold the saddle to the framework just sheared off. I sent an email to Lepper and they asked for my address, but I never heard back from them after that.

I also have a Brooks Swift that I bought used. It had a broken tension screw, so I got it for cheap (actually traded even for a Selle Italia saddle that didn't fit me). I mailed the Swift back to the Brooks factory in England and they fixed it for free. The Brooks is a much sturdier saddle than the Swift and I don't know how the original owner broke the tensioner. However, it's not as comfortable (for me) as the Lepper as it's just not the right shape or configuration -- I can't move it back far enough on the rails to position my knees properly over the BB. With all the models of Brooks saddles, though, it shouldn't be hard to find one that fits. Most Brooks models are much heavier than the Lepper ti (or most conventional saddles), although the Swift is nearly as light as the Lepper.

FWIW, I now ride Koobi saddles (Enduro and Silver), and they are nearly as comfortable as the Lepper and much lighter (250 grams). No problems whatsever with my Koobis, with about 3000 miles on the Enduro and 1000 miles on the Silver.
re: Brooks or Lepper Saddles -----JS Haiku Shop
Mar 25, 2003 6:15 AM
used a b17 narrow since july of last year in rain, snow, freezing rain, mud, wet roads, no problems. i think this is a huge myth--take care of the saddle as you take care of the bike (hopefully with kid gloves), and you should fare well. aside from some break-in, the saddle looks brand new. oh, and except for the light coating of mud underneath.

the best protection for your brooks saddle is an arse on top and fender underneath.
LEPPER Importer to the USA here..........brakemeister
Mar 25, 2003 6:31 PM
Yes they have been problems.
In the very past these saddles were made with 531 reynolds tubing. We never sold them and take no action for those. Although we helped several folks with a good deal on a Titanium rail Voyager.

Now we have sold hundreds of Ti's and got three back so far. One of them was very abused, I suspect that the bike had fallen of at highway speeds. No warranty, but again we helped with a good replacement deal. The two others were broken at the plate. The saddle still rides that way, but of course should be replaced.
And I have heard from one shop that they are sending 3 saddles, which are supposingly broken, that was a month ago, but havent seen them yet ??? Seems that all three were broken by the same customer !!! Seems that this fellow was TRYING some extreme stuff on his DH bike... ( ITS NOT A DOWNHILL or Freeride saddle ) It bugs me that the shop didnt call me right away and informed the customer to a different choice of saddle, But I digress, Havent seen the saddles anyhow.
Leaves the two, which we replaced of course.

Now, I dont want to see hundreds of broken saddles from around the world arriving at my doorsteps. Please only contact me with an USA address !!!

Thanks Thorsten