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Advice on posting pics please(8 posts)

Advice on posting pics pleaseUcannotBsirius
Mar 24, 2003 1:29 PM
Just got my first digital camera and would like to post some pics of my bikes, ride reports, etc.

Is it fairly self-explanatory? Any advice to save me messing it up appreciated.
a few options...Akirasho
Mar 24, 2003 1:52 PM
... you can post directly from your hard drive...

[i][b]BROWSE[/b] to select a file from your computer, then click [b]SUBMIT[/b].
Picture Information
The file size is limited to max. 200K
The file type must be .jpg or .jpeg
Filename must contain no spaces.
Please limit picture sizes to 600 pixels in width.[/i]

... or link to an image from a web based photo album (or source), including the one offered by RBR.

Key is in keeping the file size and format reasonable (photos wider than 600 pixels may require scrolling of the screen to see it all). For the most part, an image editor is necessary to adapt a digital image for web viewing (some high megapixel cameras output images greater than 17" across)... so follow your applications instructions.

Also note that you can embed images directly into your post text using the format [img src="hypertext link"] where [b]hypertext link[/b] is a web address indicating a picture (in general, addy ends in jpeg or gif)and the brackets are replaced with <>.

Be the bike.
a few options...4bykn
Mar 24, 2003 5:44 PM
Hmmmmm....I just got a new digital camera, I'll give it a try
...and a little netiquette!fishonabike
Mar 25, 2003 4:22 AM
Hi folks,

I'd just like to add a little something to Akirasho's comprehensive advice. As a website owner myself ( wouldja believe?) I much prefer the option where people download copies of pix they want to include from my site to their hard drive, then upload them from the hard drive to the discussion board in a post.

Alternatively, you could copy the images, then upload them to your own website (or to the free web space that most ISPs provide) - then link to that by URL.

The reason I would prefer this approach is that:

(a) I get charged according to bandwidth consumption - in other words, it costs me to deliver images to another site.
I don't so much mind people linking directly to the occasional image on if my site is advertised and a link provided. However, I still prefer the other option. And it's good netiquette to advertise sources even if you have taken local copies of images - after all, someone else has done the hard work for you.

(b) It devalues my site logs and fills them with crud. People are downloading the images but aren't actually visiting the site. Now, my site isn't actually commercial in any way - but I am interested in what's going on and who's visiting. When the logs are about twice their normal size (as they have been the last few days, Akirasho 8-) )it gets difficult to do that without expensive software.

Obviously I can't prevent people from doing what they want. Rule 1 of the Web. But as, in this instance, I'm talking to a bunch of fellow cyclists, I certainly wouldn't expect to be on the receiving end of that kind of ignorance. Especially seeing as the alternative solution isn't hard work.

On behalf of all us little website owners, many thanks. 8-)

Happy travels.

Here's where I got everything I needed to know...biknben
Mar 24, 2003 2:10 PM
The guys over at MTBR post photos constantly. I got some tips from there. One guy was kind enough to go through it step by step.

Even multiple pictures for the more advanced:^230088@.ef456fc/2

I use Paintshop Pro to crop images which helps to cuts down on file size. I then use some image sizing freeware to cut them to no more than 600 pixels wide and reduce the file size even more.

Personally, I prefer to see all the pics together in one post rather than one in each. It's easier to view and takes up less room on the board. People with slow connections always start complaining. Connecting one pic per post is easier and the connection impaired can then view them one at a time. The last time I posted a bunch of pics I broke them up into groups and put in about 3-5 pics per post.
Many thanks for your detailed replies (nm)UcannotBsirius
Mar 24, 2003 2:36 PM
So lets see some pictures. NMDERICK
Mar 24, 2003 9:40 PM
Another explanation of the same thing...NatC
Mar 25, 2003 3:23 AM