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Looking for a new helmet(4 posts)

Looking for a new helmetbobwill
Mar 23, 2003 7:12 PM
Hi, I've been riding since last year; and I'm looking for a new helmet to replace my Trek Vapor. No real rational reason to replace it; but I want to get something that looks good without a visor, since I started riding a road bike.
Well, the local bike shops only have the Giro Eclipse, Pneumo, Bell Influx, Ghisella, and X-Ray in my size.
The Giros did not fit my head comfortably, so they're ruled out.
I liked the look of the Phi, but nobody had it in Large. I really liked the Ghissela but I can't justify $120 for a helmet. This leaves the Influx. I was wondering what the more hardcore people, who don't have anything to gain with regards to me buying a helmet have to say. Performance has a helmet called the Alchera, and the Furio which is replacing the Phi. Does anyone know anything about these helmets?
re: Looking for a new helmetdtufts
Mar 23, 2003 9:21 PM
check out the 2002 Bell Ghishallo. I recently picked one up at for $64 - half off.
re: Looking for a new helmetDINOSAUR
Mar 23, 2003 9:37 PM
I was going to recommend a Giro Eclipse as I just purchased a '01 model for half the price of this years model. Funny the Giro did not fit as with the Roc Loc 3 retention system you get a perfect fit, but you have to mess with the adjustment a couple of minutes to get dialed in. Helmets are like saddles and shoes, you have to go with what fits. If the Bell Phil fit, but they did not have your size check the internet cycling stores and check for the best price. No experience at all with the Performance helmets...I think Bell has a replacement policy if you crash, if that is a can also check the review section of this forum for helmets.... I tried a bunch of helmets on and the Giro's fit and now I know what size to order over the internet...I only buy gear that is on sale, same thinking on the price....
re: Looking for a new helmetMVN
Mar 24, 2003 9:32 AM
Nashbar recently had (and may still have) Phi's on sale in Large for $49.95. I have two of them and they fit great. It's a shame they stopped making that model. They also changed their sizing from the last two years, which is why I bit the bullet and bought a Ltd. Ed. Pneumo for my birthday. It fits great and cools really well, but I'm still not sure if it's worth what they ask for it, lol. Check out Nashbar, though. Hope that helps.