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Help Choosing First Road Bike(3 posts)

Help Choosing First Road Bikekillgoj
Mar 22, 2003 9:26 PM
I am trying to find a decent road bike on a very tight budget. Although I have looked at many on ebay, classifieds, and shops, two that I really like so far are the 2002 Lemond Nevada City and the 2002 Jamis Ventura. One of the shops has the Lemonds for $399 from their rental fleet. The bikes still carry lifetime frame warranties and 90 days parts warranties. Another shop has the Jamis for $599, brand new. I really like the parts on the Jamis, but it is $200 more and I suspect the frame is not as good. Any help or other suggestions is greatly appreciated. If anyone is looking to sell anything in this price range, let me know.

Go to Wal-mart and ask the guy in the .....the bull
Mar 23, 2003 3:50 AM
Just kidding!!!The first thing I want to say is don'y go too cheap on your first road bike!!!!!!Im not saying go out and spend $2500 on your first one either but consider buying a used bike!Then if you want to sell it you can get about what you paid for it.Try to find something with low miles and good components.I would recomend a steel bike maybe with friction shifters.For some reason I belive that everyone should ride a bike with friction shifters at one point in thier
life.It gives you a better feel of what the bike is feeling.But Im one of those steel frame loving guys.
I see a old bottechia and I get this weepy joy feeling in my heart and I wanna go up to the owner and tell him how great his bike is.This must look funny to him cause Im on some ti dream bike.Dont get me wrong I like my bike!
So any ways if a used bike wont cut it you can get a good new bike through the colorado cyclist(or some other place look around online) they have a douglas motive with all 105 for $999 check that out!Its the very least you could do for your self.Plus your more apt to get off the couch if you have a nice bike than if you have a rattle trap that you hate riding!!
Go for whichever bike fits you best.Spoke Wrench
Mar 23, 2003 5:46 AM
You will notice how you fit on the bike more than an extra pound of weight, more than a shifter that works a little more crisply and more than any subtle differences in feel from the different frame materials. Fit also affects your comfort and performance on the bike every single minute that you ride.

I think that the most common mistake that new buyers make is to buy a bike that doesn't fit very well but was a "great deal" because it had such and such component group for the least amount of money.

The nice thing about a rental fleet bike is that it should be real easy to talk the shop into letting you take it out for a nice long test ride. Seeing where you ache after two or three hours will provide better insights into bike fit than any fancy formula. If you have to, offer to rent it from them as long as they agree to deduct the rental fee from the price of whatever bike you buy from them.

Buying used can be a good deal economically, but gets awkward relative to determining how well the bike fits. First time buyers usually have only a sketchy idea about what they need size wise, there's only one bike to choose from, and an extended test ride is seldom offered.