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My other hobbie!(14 posts)

My other hobbie!the bull
Mar 22, 2003 5:23 PM
Black and yellow . . . sexy (nm)OverStuffed
Mar 22, 2003 6:07 PM
Just curious...Matno
Mar 22, 2003 6:49 PM
How much extra work is it to maintain a salt water aquarium compared to fresh water? I had fresh water ones growing up, but never ventured into salt water (but the fish are so colorful!)

I might give it a try someday (when I'm done with school). My father-in-law had a business deal go bad, and as "payment" he ended up with about fifty 75 gallon tanks! They were part of a system, so they have pipes attached that would have to be plugged, but I think I could make it work...

Now, you just need a toy bicycle sitting on the bottom of that tank! (I'm trying to keep this bike-related!)
This is the water CYCLE !the bull
Mar 22, 2003 7:10 PM
There is a fair amount of work involved.
I add R.O. water every 3 days.5 gallons!
There are 2 kinds of lights on blue floresent and one metal halide.I have several balasts and there is also a fan in the hood so this causes a fair amount of evaporation.

The water runs in to the sump(pictured)and is prefiltered.
Then some is sucked up in to a protien skimmer.The billions of little bubbles carry most waste to the top were they go in to a overflow container.Most of the water is drizzled over the eco-balls which contain bacteria that turn ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate which the only way to get rid of that is water changes.
... ah, that brings back memories!!Akirasho
Mar 23, 2003 4:38 AM
... it's been over ten years since I fielded a salt water tank...

My favorite fish(es) were Triggerfish (several types, but Picasso were my fav) along with Batfish (had them in a seperate Hex tank) and an occasional Wrasse (imagine my surprise when I woke up and found him "missing")... Triggers are amazingly intelligent!

I've still got most of my filtration systems (tanks are long gone)... but I've done a bit of research, and it seems that water conditioning has taken on a quantum leap since I was in the hobby!

Indeed, there were times when watching the fishes (with the stereo in the background) was far more entertaining than anything on TV (and soothing as well).

Be the bike.
this trigger is in the tank ..the bull
Mar 23, 2003 4:58 AM
I found him out of the tank once my wife said she heard a splash sound 30min. before I found him.He must of been out of the tank for that long I put him back in the tank and he went into his shell for like 3 or 4 days.when he came out he was fine.This was like 2 years ago!
Mar 23, 2003 6:06 AM
... that's a beautiful fish... is that a recent photo or does he have a bit more growin' to do??
hes not right!the bull
Mar 23, 2003 10:00 AM
I think someting happened when he jumped out of the tank.
My wife says he was out of tank for 2 hours. But we are not sure. He eats and swims around like normal but he never grew much.
This one is after Matno for his comment on the fat chicks!the bull
Mar 23, 2003 5:05 AM
here ya go bull...lonefrontranger
Mar 23, 2003 6:17 AM
A little something to liven up the tank! Miniatures of the Festina team pre "Festina Affaire".

Best place for Virenque if ya ask me... bottom of a fish tank, look in the "Gifts" section.
... oh, and to keep this post relavent...Akirasho
Mar 23, 2003 6:23 AM

Be the bike.
the only people as nutty about their obsession as cyclists...Frith
Mar 23, 2003 6:25 AM
are fish people. I've got some friends who do it. They spend tonnes of money. They spend all their time fiddling. They are constantly thinking about, reading, or posting messages on fish boards....sound familiar?
That's cool. My other thing is hiking... In particular I'm obsessed with the ultra light weight movement... my pack including 4 days food is under 20lbs. There's a yahoo group called ultralighthiking and when I'm not here I'm there :)
That used to be me...Matno
Mar 23, 2003 6:39 AM
Until I started getting serious about mountain biking. Now I can't hike anywhere without wishing I were on a full-suspension bike! Hiking is just too dang slow! I do still love backpacking though. I would say that I obsess about ultralight packing, but every time I go, I end up taking so many ultralight things that my pack gets heavy again! (on my last trip to the Wind River Mountains it weighed 65 lbs). My pack itself weighs over 7 pounds (Dana Design), but it is by far the best pack ever made. In spite of the weight, it makes heavy loads seem light. I make up for it by being light myself... (I'm 140)
I got a danna there the bomb!nmthe bull
Mar 23, 2003 10:04 AM