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Corneal Neovascularization condition...(3 posts)

Corneal Neovascularization condition...eschelon
Mar 22, 2003 8:22 AM
My doc just told me that I wasn't allowed to wear contacts anymore due to my new eye condition brought about by wearing my contacts. So I guess I have to wear my glasses when I want to go ride ro I need to know from you glass wearers if wearing glasses while racing, road riding or mountain biking is not such a big deal...we're not talking about easy strolls at the local MUTs...I'm talking about hot summer days and fast group rides/mtb rides.

fog is a go faster and don't stop nm.speedfreak
Mar 22, 2003 11:44 AM
re: Corneal Neovascularization condition...Nug
Mar 23, 2003 6:04 PM
For the record, you get that from overwearing contacts, or wearing poorly fit contacts, or not getting checked regularly (ie non-compliant wearer). Judging by a recent post, lots more on this board are headed that way. It's just too easy to do it right nowadays to risk the hassle you're now dealing with. It is plastic in contact with a tissue of your body- they're medical devices and should be treated as such. Rant over.