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paint chips on brand new italian frames(5 posts)

paint chips on brand new italian framesunger
Mar 22, 2003 5:54 AM
I got a brand new Coppi Millenium frame out of Columbus Starship tubing 3/01. Paint chips appeared on the first 2 rides on the chainstays. I've noticed in the frame reviews this happening on several de bernardi's, de rosa's, ciocc's and colonago's aluminum frames. All made in the same section of italy. Too thin a layer of paint and only a couple of layers of clear coat is the problem. Why on an expensive frame?- probabily to save wgt- or paint doesn't bond well to high end alum. alloy. Here's a time consuming solution that works- I'm on my 3d season, and have approx 8,000 mi with only one small ding fron a pebble on the whole bike. I touched up the chips and sprayed on 12 very thin coats of automobile clear coat and rubbed it out to a deep, hard finish. Added 42g in wgt, but for me it was well worth it, not to have to look at my $2500 frame slowly lose paint. Here's how to do it. Disassemble whole bike leaving only the seat post in. Generously wipe down the frame with several coats of lacquor thinner- this is VERY volatile so do it outside with a mask. Tape all openings (head tube and bottom bracket). Tape seat post and clamp, and your bike stand. Place 5, 200watt lamps around the bike in the basement. Wear a mask and apply 8 to 12 VERY thin, very light layers of top coat (you never want it so thick that it runs). Apply at approx 10 to 20 min intervals when the previous coat is just dry but still tacky, don't wait too long. Buy compound from an auto supply dealer- you must get a full range from the coarse to very fine- I used 7 grits. Rub out the compound after allowing 5 days for the paint to set in good ventilation. You'll end up with a hard, new car finish- total work time- 4 hours- do it in stages. I can not promise that this will work for you- I just did it once- talk to your local collision shop for advice- finish must be hand rubbed out- good luck- it's a pain that you spend all that money and have to finish it yourself.
reason to get a fondriest SAT finishafrican
Mar 22, 2003 11:42 AM
like my lampre time trial U107 SAT (sound like a friggin german sub from WW 2).
re: paint chips on brand new italian frameswackycyd
Mar 22, 2003 12:59 PM
Italian frames are Italian frames at the end of the day, there well made but the paint, or lack of lacquer has always been cack, it's that easy, either you want a bike to use and race on or you want one to pose on, former is always the best, nothing better than looking at a well worn, by that I mean stone chipped frame than one that comes out every summer all nice and pristine.

Just ride the thing, use it for a few years and get shut, or d/grade it to a hack, that's what everyone else does.

I ain't havin' a go @ ya, just telling ya' like it is.

As with Italian paint, Italian chrome ain't all it's cracked up to be, so what as above, c'est ca, nes pas.

Looing forward to 'full of ....' comments here.

Not just Italian paint...DINOSAUR
Mar 23, 2003 11:25 AM
My '99 Klein Quantum Race is very subject to paint chips. I solved the problem by carefully cutting out narrow strips of black electrical tape and covering up the chips. The electrical tape appears to be part of the paint scheme and the only way you would know it's tape is by getting down very close. The back tape matches the black graphics of the paint job.

On the other hand the paint of my steel Colnago is very durable and I chipped the paint in one location where I dropped the chain a couple of times when the bike was brand new. I placed a piece of electrical tape in that location so it won't happen again.

Mondonico ships most of their frames to the U.S. unpainted. I've read that the Italian paint has limited selections, not as flashy as American paint, but is very durable (or so I've read).

Maybe it has something to do about the way paint adheres to alumimum(?)

I think my next bike will be unpainted ti so I won't have to worry about paint....
I bought it to ride it.RJF
Mar 24, 2003 7:38 AM
Personally, I don't give a crap if my Itallian frame gets chipped up. I bought it to ride it and that's what I'm going to do. If I saw a guy on a 3 year old bike with no paint chips, I'd think that guy is a little nutty or at least doesn't have a girlfriend/wife, kids, house and other things to worry about and take up his time. ;)