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Brew-haha on classfieds over Cheap Bianchi's..WEST COAST RBR(4 posts)

Brew-haha on classfieds over Cheap Bianchi's..WEST COAST RBRelom
Mar 21, 2003 7:29 PM
Okay boys and girls did anyone see the new ads on the classifieds on the Bianchi's for super cheap. Seller posted he is out of L.A. but another buyer place an ad saying the guy is a scam. Seller retaliated and placed ad calling the guy out.

An $1800 new in box full EV4/Record and the list goes on. I am afraid the guy taint legit but if he is that is cheap.
I e-mailed the guy..............davet
Mar 21, 2003 8:30 PM
He says he's really in Spain. Here's the text of his e-mail to me:

Dear Sir,

After you will give us your full name and address and also a phone number we
will make you a reservation to the UPS Service and we will give you the
invoice and the receipt so that you can see tht we have made you the
After that you will have to send the money through the Western Union Service
to our cashier's name and address in Spain, Saragoza.

After you will confirm that you have made the payment we will send you the

If you're interested then please send me a message as soon as you can.
Kindly regards and have a nice day.

This seems to be a variation of the Nigerian Scam. They have in common the use of Western Union to send money to the 'seller'. Western Union only accepts cash for transfers. The seller gets cash and there is no way to tace him. This has all of the classic odor of a large scam.
Mar 22, 2003 6:55 AM
He listed himself as living in L.A. so I emailed him too and asked if my friend in L.A. could meet him with 1800 cash for an EV4 with Record.

his response

Dear Sir,

The bikes are in Spain at this moment and if you want to deal then we will send you the bikes through the UPS Service and you will receive it in only one day.
The price is only 1800 USD and in this price all the dispatch taxes are included(so you will have a free delivery to your home address).

If you are intersted then please send me a message as soon as you can.

Kindly regards and thank you for your time.
In Spain? Received in 1 day USPS?look271
Mar 22, 2003 7:28 PM
You'd have to be pretty mentally-deficient to fall for that.