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To: Owners of a Carradice Junior...(6 posts)

To: Owners of a Carradice Junior...PeterRider
Mar 21, 2003 1:05 PM
would you mind posting/sending me a few pictures of

- how you mount it - is it possible to put it on a saddle like what I have here ? I've seen a very nice sort-of-saddle-rack posted here recently (by Andy ?), is this necessary ? (url:

- the outside of the bag: I've seen only pictures from too far to have a good opinion.

- the inside of the bag.

Thanks !

If need be, my email is: pierre dot moreels at jpl dot nasa dot gov.

another picture...PeterRider
Mar 21, 2003 1:06 PM
...this is a saddle that I'm test-riding... we'll see tomorrow if it passes the test of the century... usually i have a italia flite gel.

the only one i've got right now is...JS Haiku Shop
Mar 21, 2003 1:23 PM
this pic. if you can wait 'til monday, i'll take some good ones of the bag, inside/out, what can fit, how it's mounted, and what you'll need to get it mounted on that non-brooks saddle. sorry for the delay--i'm offline on weekends.
of course I can wait... I'm broke until the end of the month...PeterRider
Mar 21, 2003 2:22 PM
and I'm also on my bike tomorrow...

Thanks in advance,

Assuming it attaches like the Lowsaddle Longflap...cory
Mar 21, 2003 2:15 PM
I don't have a Junior, but I take a Lowsaddle Longflap everywhere. It attaches with two leather straps made to go through the loops on the back of a Brooks B-17, with a third strap around the seat post.
I've used it on saddles without loops many times--the straps are long enough to go around the saddle rails on everything I own. Never had a problem, rides fine, occasionally brushes the backs of my legs but you don't notice it after a minute.
No prob...Andy M-S
Mar 21, 2003 2:40 PM
Well, if you don't mind having the bag brush against your legs a little, you can either loop the straps around your saddle rails or buy a set of Cyclo bag loops. The latter bolt onto the saddle rails and let you attach the leather straps through loops that are oriented back-to-front. Costs about $5, I think. I use those on one of my bikes.

If you need any more info on my rack system, OTOH, feel free to e-mail.