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Etiquette - spitting and noseblowing with uninvited drafters(9 posts)

Etiquette - spitting and noseblowing with uninvited draftersteamsloppy
Mar 20, 2003 10:21 PM
Is there a "I'm gonna blow my nose" signal for un-invited drafters to pick up on?

I rode all winter commuting, rarely seeing another cyclist (tough to do in the San Francisco East Bay with the once per week rain or temperatures in the high 40's and 50's). Recently, with the spring-like weather, I have been over taking cyclist during my daily commute, who drop in behind me, un-invited, and draft, without pulling, then complain about my spitting or nose blowing. They actually speak up: "Hey, I'm back here" or "that's gross".

Is there an "about to spit" or "about to blow" signal?

I kind of don't mind the uninvited drafters. In a weird way I want to encourage cycling at that time (which I assume are mostly commuters or someone trying it out). But, my nose runs, and it's thick: I often don't clear my own shoulder or top of my leg.
I've seen people blow snot in their hand..bigrider
Mar 21, 2003 5:49 AM
and use their glove for a hanky, then wipe it off on their clothes. I am not the cleanest, neatest person in the world but this doesn't appeal to me.

I would prior to blowing a snot rocket move to one side of the road where the rider behind is off to one side. I hold a finger over one nostril and blow your standard snot rocket. Then I blow the other nostril to the SAME SIDE by doing this procedure.

If I want to clear my right nostril to the left side of my body I turn my head around like I am checking traffic expect I look under my left shoulder. I reach across my face with my left arm and elbow high and press on my left nostril.

This technique lets you clear your nose completely off of one side of the bike.

There you have the art of snot rocketing, don't try this on an aluminum bike. Works best on carbon, makes your nose feel wooden. Ha Ha
Bikers equivalent to a "Brake Job"...biknben
Mar 21, 2003 6:39 AM
You know how some motorists step on their brakes to deter a tailgater? Could be considered the same thing. If you don't like it back off, right?

I seldom come across other riders on the bike. When I ride in a group or paceline I take my responsibility at the front seriously. I know when I'm behind, in a paceline, I'm depending on/trusting someone else to look out for me. Now, if some stranger tags along I would feel compelled to look out for them but if we switched I wouldn't trust this person farther than I could throw him. Kinda annoying if you ask me.

If leading a paceline I would give a wide bearth around obstacles or hazards. When by myself, I just give myself adequate room. Do I have to change my ride to accomodate some stranger who may/will not offer the same in return.

If you don't strike up some kind of conversation with this stranger or come to some type of understanding than all bets are off. I find solo rides so be refreshing. Just me and my bike. I get into my old world and I enjoy that.

As far as snot rockets are concerned, fire away. I let them fly over my shoulder or under my arm. If in a group, I'll wait until it's clear, after a pull or during a time when the pace is dirupted by a traffic light or something. My snot rockets don't hold together very well. It's more like a spray. Most of it ends up on me anyway.

If some stranger, tagging along, gave me crap about it, I'd politely invite them to back off.
on etiquette...mohair_chair
Mar 21, 2003 7:59 AM
The basic rule of etiquette and good manners says that one rudeness does not justify another. In other words, just because some guy decides to wheelsuck, doesn't mean you get to send bodily fluids his way.

But...there are certain things you need to do at times, and if someone wants to get in your way, whose fault is that? If a guy decides the only seat in town is on the toilet and parks himself there reading a book (but not using the device as intended), are you supposed to hold it in if you need to go? No, you tell him to get lost!

Here's what you do, which could still fall within good manners. Do your thing, but at least make an attempt not to hit the guy. If the guy speaks up, feign ignorance. Whip around in complete surprise and say very nicely "Oh, sorry, I had no idea you were there. Usually people let me know when they want to work together. Do you want to take this pull?" He could say yes, but chances are, he'll say no and drop off. And you'll never have him as a wheelsucker again.
re: Etiquette - spitting and noseblowing with uninvited draftersoutofthesaddle
Mar 21, 2003 8:30 AM
Seems like you have two issues:
(i) the possibility of actually hitting the following rider with something; and
(ii) receiving complaints/comments ("That's gross").

As far as solving the first issue, it seems like if you know a rider is drafting, you can move over, soft pedal until the rider has moved up even with you and blow on the opposite side. This has the best chance of ensuring that the rider isn't surprised and that he/she is out of harms way. However, if you blow with him/her right next to you, it will increase the chances that you'll get complaints/comments. If they complain, you can take the opportunity to let them know that if they're going to ride in the morning, blowing snot rockets is something that they've got to get used to.

Where in the East Bay? - I sometimes ride Danville/San Ramon Blvd. in the mornings.
Thanks? Danville Blvd & San Ramon Blvd, Southboundteamsloppy
Mar 21, 2003 8:48 AM
Lafayette to San Ramon in the a.m. And the reverse in the p.m. Purple Klein.
Thanks? Danville Blvd & San Ramon Blvd, Southboundoutofthesaddle
Mar 21, 2003 10:48 AM
I'll keep an eye out for you (and flying fluids). I don't know what my commute rig will be - I used a mtn bike as a commuter but I sold it a couple of weeks ago and bought a CX bike. I'll likely be on a Trek 5200 '99 vintage (blue and red - 'pre Postal logos).
Yes - Fart.SnowBlind
Mar 21, 2003 10:34 AM
re: Etiquette - spitting and noseblowing with uninvited drafterswackycyd
Mar 22, 2003 1:04 PM
Part 'n parcel of cycling, if they or you get a face full of snot, take it on the chin and wipe it off.

Same goes with riding without m/g in the wtr and splatting everyone or getting splatted with mud, if they or you don't like tough, get out of the way!!

From A 2 B


Ps, Why do people give such a bleep, bleep, bleep about anyone else, DO YOU'RE OWN THING, simple as.