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OLN....Canadians help me out! ...americans too even. (long)(5 posts)

OLN....Canadians help me out! ...americans too even. (long)Frith
Mar 20, 2003 7:07 PM
I got an address from someone on this board about who to contact regarding programming at OLN. As you may or may not know we're getting shafted. Our friends to the south enjoy coverage of most major professional cycling races while we get the tour and nothing else. OLN is running commercials already for their October coverage of the hamilton worlds yet they refuse to air any other cycling coverage to promote a sport that we're supposed to be hosting for the entire world. If anyone has any idea of how we can reach some decision makers speak up. I wrote the following letter to (tsn being the parent network) and recieved a canned response. Any other ideas on how we might convince them.
Anyway I'll let you guys read what I wrote...

I am writing concerning the programming on OLN. More specifically
your lack of it with regard to professional cycling. While I
appreciate the continued coverage of the Tour de France, there are a
number of professional races that your American counterpart covers
which you don't. There is a broad cycling audience in this country
that perhaps you aren't aware of. I and the Canadian population can
only watch a certain amount of Bass Fishing and Strong Man
Competitions before we reach our saturation point.
This year Canada is hosting the worlds. OLN is airing it but expects a knowledgable fan base and viewership while doing very little to satisify any potential or current followers of this great sport.
Please consider
greater coverage of professional cycling.
Thank you
re: OLN....Canadians help me out! ...americans too even. (long)tremblay
Mar 20, 2003 10:28 PM
OLN Canada has never responded to any of my complaints. Don't expect to get better treatment. They really don't seem to care. We will forever be forced to watch reruns of crap like Everest Challenge, Drifters, The Real World, Road Rules, and oh yes, fishing shows. They love cheap programming. Buy it once, play it 50,000 times.
re: OLN....Canadians help me out! ...americans too even. (long)upandcomer
Mar 20, 2003 11:22 PM
Thanks for the email address. I sent another message with the same complaint. Hopefully if enough people do it, it will make a difference. So if your Canadian, email OLN and complain!
Meet in Personmerckxman
Mar 21, 2003 4:56 AM
A meeting in person could be very effective. Especially, if you you get some of the cycling bodies behind the effort to expand coverage.
Okay, CC the CCA and national bodies for coverage..Spunout
Mar 21, 2003 5:18 AM

And let them know too. Maybe that will work. Even your local club, I bet. The problem is that OLN Canada is part of a big conglomerate, so go to the head of the corporation CTV. Tough, hopefully someone has an 'in' there.

I've never had a response to any programming question posted to the above address.

Or, you could e-mail the sponsors, but I guess that there are not any sponsors, that's why cycling gets nixed for fishing. Fishing has sponsors.