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Speedplay, Look, or Coombe Pro???(9 posts)

Speedplay, Look, or Coombe Pro???happychicago
Mar 20, 2003 6:07 PM
I'm currently using doublesided SPD pedals, but have had clip (in & out) problems. Plus, my feet feel somewhat "tight" after long rides. I'm training for my first Ironman and usually ride between 20 & 100 miles.

I've researched for hours (too many hours) and can't decide which pedals to purchase: Speedplay (x-0, x-1, x-2), Look (PP396, A5, cx-6), or Coombe Pro.

I currently have Sidi T-1 shoes..I am 6'1, 175 lbs., and am somewhat interested in walking ability through triathlon transitions. However, I am most interested in a comfortable, fast, durable pedal.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
Don't overlook Bebop...Matno
Mar 20, 2003 6:23 PM
They may be a "mountain" pedal, but they've got a lot of others beat. If you like a free floating pedal, these are the ticket. I just got a pair and I love them. They have a stack height that is about as low as anything on the market (even close to the Coombe), a steel spindle which will hold up to heavy riding/rider, lightweight (my stainless middle-of-the-line pedals weigh 195g or 260 with cleats!), they're not as expensive as some of the others that you suggested, the release is as smooth and easy as anything made (I can't even feel it on mine, they just pop out - but only when I want them to), they are totally comfy to me (but then I think that has more to do with the shoe), and they are definitely durable (the website has an explanation about why their bearings will last longer than pedals with ti spindles). Mine are slightly different than the current models, and though I can't imagine that they could be any better than mine are, companies with limited products like this one usually only get better!

Check them out at
You might want to check shoe compatibility on Bebop's website as well.
They've also got a list of dealers on the web site in case you want to check them out in person.
ditto, love my bebop's nmJas0n
Mar 20, 2003 6:42 PM
re: Speedplay, Look, or Coombe Pro???purplepaul
Mar 20, 2003 7:51 PM
I'm very happy with my Coombes. Only problem is that they had a batch where their supplier provided out of spec materials. Of course mine were of this batch, so they sent me a letter asking me to return the pedals so they could replace the axles. What a hassle.

But the pedals are beautiful and work perfectly.
re: Speedplay, Look, or Coombe Pro???morency
Mar 21, 2003 12:00 AM
when walking-ability is important, metal plates are slippery (speedplay, coombe) so I would go with look.
Some of my friends use the spd system on their sprint-duathlons because of the walking ability.
Me personally I began using look but because of the high weight and the creecking sound the cleats make I changed to speedplay a few weeks ago. I am fully convinced speedplay is way better than look but the first miles on them is like walking on ice, walking is always like on ice.
recently went through this myself...joekm
Mar 21, 2003 5:48 AM
I started out wanting the Speedplay X2's but, on the advice of other riders from both the local recreational and racing clubs, I started to focus my attention more on pedals with a larger platform. I also noticed that, when I got my "road" shoes (was previously using mountain bike shoes), I started to get a definite "hot spot" with the double-sided SPD's. This has the effect of further discouraging me from the smaller pedals (Speedplay, Coombe, etc.).

Most people with a specific recommendation suggested either the Look pp206 or Look pp357. On RBR, the pp206's seem to have better reviews and they are cheaper.

I also looked at the new Time Impact pedals, but quickly discovered that no LBS in my area has the cleats so I'd need to keep extra's on hand purchased from the internet. Plus the cleats are very expensive as compared to Look cleats and, reportedly, they are harder to clip into.

Then I ran across the new Shimano SPD-SL pedals. Very similar to the Look in design, although somewhat lighter. The cleats, while a little more expensive than the Look cleats, were easy to find and had rubber pads for traction while walking. They also have better cornering clearance than the Looks (there is one turn on my normal lunchtime ride that I sometimes hit a little tight).

Anyway the SPD-SL pedals come in Dura-Ace and Ultegra build level. I went with the cheaper, Ultergra level (paid $125 at my LBS) and I'm very happy with them. Clip in is positive, easy, and secure. Clip out is predictable but does take more force than my old SPD's.

I would recommend the Shimano SPD-SL's, they have the platform of the Looks (with lighter weight) and almost the same cornering clearance of the Speedplays. Plus, the cleats are cheaper than the Speedplay cleats and relatively easy to find.

...hope this helps.

Here's a newbie's take on Speedplays ....jmr986
Mar 21, 2003 6:59 AM
Like you I spent many hours researching pedals. My criteria was easy entry/exit and some float. Had ordered Speedplay Zero Stainless and Pearl Isumi Road shoes (the $75 ones). In the interim I picked up a pair of PI Vapors for $25 (sales reps) so I had to get a different pedal. LBS sold me some Shimano 515's for $30.

Tried them both on my trainer during the crappy winter. Liked the Speedplay's much easier to get in and out of than the Shimano's. Didn't know how much, if any, float I would need for my knees so I went with the Zero's so I can dial in 0 - 15 degrees. I think with a stiff shoe like your Sidi's you won't have a problem with a hot spot. Of the two I prefer the Sppedplay's but I will probably put the Shimano's on my hybrid.
Mar 21, 2003 8:07 AM
Doing bike tech work on an AIDS ride I tried to keep track of equipment that caused people problems. Speedplay cleats made the list. More than a few riders had to take them apart, clean them out and put them back together. The only other pedal problem was the Look sqeak. In case you're interested in other stuff that made my list:

Dirty drive trains (by far number one)

Computers of every type (or people who can't ride without one)

The ratchet mechanism on Sidi shoes

Sora front derailleurs

Rear wheels on Cannondale 400's (broken spokes)
Thanks all...Went with Shimano SPD-SL 7750.happychicago
Apr 1, 2003 3:47 PM
Love them so far!

Thanks to everyone who gave input.