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If you have a cracked Aluminum frame may be of interest !!(2 posts)

If you have a cracked Aluminum frame may be of interest !!abicirider
Mar 20, 2003 4:33 PM
A article in the new edition of bicycle retailer I rec today talks about a Canadian (British Columbia) company called pyrotek.
Just a brief summary of the article seemes they are a company that gets craked aircraft parts all the time they weld the crack up reheat the part and send it back to the manufacture.
They have now started a new division called Pyrobike, they say usually when a guy cracks a frame breaks a dropout or a derailleur hanger the guy usally junks the frame, but for $300-400 he could send the frame to us for repairs, reheat treatment and powder coat.
The article goes on to state Pyrotek has built more than 20,000 frames for Canadian and American suppliers, as well as heat treated cranks, handlebars and stems for Race Face, Syncros and others over the last 10 years. it is an ISO 9002 registered facility.
The phone number in the article is (604)530-4434
Couple of things in article kinda of sounds like you may have to go thru a retailer not sure
I have never heard or dealt with this company so I dont know how good they are.
Just wanted to pass on the info.

Be safe out on the roads!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
re: If you have a cracked Aluminum frame may be of interest !!Akirasho
Mar 21, 2003 1:45 PM
... my understanding was... that the lion's share of the expense in repairing heat treated aluminium was in the heat treat itself... that is, in OEM manufacturing, items are heat treated en masse, thus making it cost effective... heat treating an individual frame was prohibitive.

Yepper, it's worth considering... while potentially still more expensive than steel repair... it'd be one less squawk heard from the "steel is real" crowd...

Be the bike.