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Favorite oil? Favorite grease?(9 posts)

Favorite oil? Favorite grease?emptyhanded
Mar 20, 2003 9:26 AM
I realize there's probably as many answers as there are products, I was just wondering what everyone's preferred oil was, what their preferred grease was, and why?

and yes, i'm talking about lubes for your bicycle, gutterminds.
re: Favorite oil? Favorite grease?sievers11
Mar 20, 2003 9:49 AM
I like the finish line synthetic grease for most applications...for packing older bearing and headsets i like pedros grease.

Oil I like tri-flow, but you have to be carefull with because is will kill bearing seals. because of this I don't recomend at our shop. We general use a bikeaid oil with a needle applicator and it has a little graphite in it at the shop. I would recomend a finish line product I have been trying for a while on my own, Teflon-Plus™ "Dry" Lube.

I use a generic oil I got at local harware store on spokes nipples. really cheap and lasts for years.

For my chain...all rock and roll. Their Extreme Chain lube is amazing...I haven't tried the Gold, but I heard it is better.

OK, simple answer: In the end get the Teflon-Plus™ "Dry" Lube and the Rock and Roll Extreme Chain Lube
Favorite oil: Kuwaiti - Favorite Grease:cyclinseth
Mar 20, 2003 9:49 AM
$10,000,000 in Dick Cheney's hand
Mobil 1 ...Humma Hah
Mar 20, 2003 10:39 AM
Mobil 1 oil is pretty good stuff, although as a chain lube it attracts dirt like any other oil. I'm about to try a wax chain lube for comparison. Other than chains, the only place I use oil on a bike is my wife's 3-speed hub.

I'm not nearly as picky about grease. I've tried Mobil 1 grease and it is good, but I've only found it in grease gun cartridges, and I prefer grease in tubs. Any lithium-based grease is plenty good for bicycles. Lithium-based greases are more water resistant than other greases.
Mar 20, 2003 10:47 AM
Lithium based greases are harmful to rubber products. Be careful around hub seals and anywhere else rubber is present.

Not a huge problem with cycling applications, but something to think about when using grease for other projects.
re: Favorite oil? Favorite grease?Doc Hollywood
Mar 20, 2003 11:41 AM
For Chain lube, I have been using Slick Willy and REALY like the stuff. Tried Pedros, WL.FL, etc. no comparision. SW keeps my chain nice and clean, well lubed, and is easy to apply.

I was using Prolink, but it didn't last long in the wet stuff.

For grease, I just use stuff that you can buy in your autostore.

re: Favorite oil? Favorite grease?ArvinC
Mar 20, 2003 3:04 PM
Throwing in my .03 cents here:

For my grease, it's Phil Wood, no question. The green stuff is crazy good and held in some circles as ledgendary stuff. That has to have some merit...

For my driveline, I've pretty much stayed to the dry-type "wax" lubes. I really like White Lightning's Race Day. It's slick, lasts and resists water. Wouldn't use it for off-road, though.

For cables and assorted stuff, Tri-Flow.
oilive oil works good!esp. on campy!nmthe bull
Mar 20, 2003 6:34 PM
re: Favorite oil? Favorite grease?gybeho
Mar 20, 2003 7:09 PM
Rock & Roll Super Web Grease for bearings and such. Boeshield for the chain.

Anyone try the new Campy chain stuff?