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Taking the wife bike shopping(7 posts)

Taking the wife bike shoppingMariowannabe
Mar 20, 2003 8:18 AM
My wife is getting into road bike riding. She's planning to do a century this June. Currently rides 50 - 75 miles a week, but that will be increasing as the weather cooperates. She's petite, so I'm looking for a women's specific. We're looking at Lemond Tourmelet, Specialized Allez Vita Womens, and the Bianchi Eros Donna. Budget is under $1K. We're working with a couple LBSs so I'm confident we'll get the right fit. Question is, does anyone have experience with these bikes, or advice on womens specific in general?
Allez Vita comments...CaliforniaDreaming
Mar 20, 2003 8:34 AM
FWIW, after working at my shop for about a month and a half now, I'd say some women, but not all women fit better on a women's designed frame. As there are always exceptions, last week I helped fit a woman to an Allez Sport. After trying the Vita we quickly concluded her torso and reach fit the non-women's geometry better.

Not being familiary with your non-Specialized options, I'd say the shorter wheelbase will make the Allez Vita a little more responsive to handling inputs. The Allez's carbon post and front fork really cut off the road buzz, but the small aluminum frame will be quite stiff. She may find the steel options more comfy, but also a bit more sluggish in handling. I suspect handling will be the second noticable difference between your options after ride quality. The component mix on the Allez might be nicer, but also may be less of a concern if the bike is considered too uncomfortable. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
Vita my pickteoteoteo
Mar 20, 2003 8:55 AM
I work in a shop that sells both the Tourmalet and Vita and if the fit is right than the Vita is a stronger unit. The frame is Alum but specialized uses thinner wall tubes and smaller diameter tubes in the construction when you compare the bike to a unisex model.

Other nice touches include Ultegra Shifter and Rear mech. As a whole the shop and myself have had tremendous success with these models.

Fwiw I work as a fit specialist in my shop and have a pretty substantial client base of female customers. Since she is petite I would say Vita and contrary to another poster keep the seat.....
re: Taking the wife bike shoppingsievers11
Mar 20, 2003 8:48 AM
I don't know about the Lemond.

The Allez would be a good choice if you wanted a fast light bike. It also has a very nice component group. Personally I would chose this bike and zap the seat and peddel asap.

The bianchi eros is a great bike, very smooth ride and predictable handling. The new forks this year are a nice addition and the comonents are on par with the Allez, but you would have to decide campy vs shimano. (that is an entirely different tread)

She isn't putting on major milleage so the Allez might be a better choice, if you are planning any major rides centuries or some touring...definatly give the eros a try, it will be much more comfortable and getting bags/racks on it will be much easyer. The eros will last forever.
My gf is considering the Vita and plans on taking a test ride nmjtferraro
Mar 20, 2003 9:20 AM
Post from a few days ago...zmarke
Mar 20, 2003 9:30 PM
newrider "HELP! LeMond or Motobecane? I'm a new rider looking....." 3/19/03 7:07am
anyone ever "take the bike wife shopping?"DougSloan
Mar 21, 2003 7:08 AM
Sorry, couldn't resist. I held off as long as I could. :-)


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