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Klein and tire questions(6 posts)

Klein and tire questionslc21998
Mar 20, 2003 6:40 AM
Help take my mind off the war:

1. Is Klein still sponsoring the Gerolsteiner team this year? I saw an ad saying that Willier (sp?) was the team bike for 2003.

2. How many miles does one get off of a (fairly cheap) road tire? How does one know it's getting worn?

Bonus Question: Why do my hands go numb when I ride my rollers? I use Nashar Null-G gloves.

May they all come home safe and sound. I don't think the war was a good idea but at times like this I always regret not enlisting when I was younger. Everyone's got to do their share.
re: Klein and tire questionsMike Prince
Mar 20, 2003 6:56 AM
1. Don't think Klein is a sponsor this year. If I remember right, last year some of the riders were ridng different bikes painted like Kleins. Wilier is the sponsor this year.

2. Cost should not be a determining factor for how many miles you get out of a tire. Depending on how well you take care of the tire (inflation pressures, mending cuts, etc) you should be able to get at least 1000-1500 miles from a tire easily. Some here get 2000-3000 miles out of a rear tire. The most obvious sign of a worn tire is a dramatic increase in punctures as the tread gets thinner and thinner.

Your hands get numb because you are putting too much weight on your hands. In other words, you are not balanced evenly on the bike. Sounds like you may be sitting too upright. Try getting off of the bar tops and onto the hoods or drops once in awhile. You wear gloves on the rollers? Interesting...
re: Klein and tire questionslc21998
Mar 20, 2003 7:33 AM
Thanks. You are a Prince.

As far as the numbness goes, I don't get numb if I stay on the tops. I do get numbe if I'm on the hoods. I wear gloves because my hands sweat like crazy (even when I'm not on the bike) and they get too slippery to hold on comfortably. Maybe my position on the bike is too stretched out? I'm still fairly new to the whole road biking thing and I bought a used bike and never had a professional fitting. I'm 5'7" and riding a 53 cm Klein.
re: Klein and tire questionsBeaver
Mar 20, 2003 8:43 AM
FWIW, my hands used to go numb on the hoods when I wore thickly padded gloves(Pearl Izumi Pittards). I switched over to thin/almost no padding(Assos Prosline and Nike)and haven't had a problem since. For me, the padding used to bunch up in between the thumb and forefinger when I was riding on the hoods.

Try riding for awhile without the gloves and see if that helps.
Tire mileage depends on tread thickness and rider weightKerry
Mar 20, 2003 5:11 PM
There's no predicting wear unless you know rider weight and tread thickness. At 180 lb, I get about 2K miles on a rear Conti GP 3000, while my 125 lb wife gets double that or more. With a Conti GP (much thicker tread) I get double that mileage or more.
re: Klein and tire questionslc21998
Mar 20, 2003 5:48 PM
Thanks folks. I'll try no/thinner gloves and keep the tires I have.