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are the bolts on chorus 10 speed cranks self-extracting?(4 posts)

are the bolts on chorus 10 speed cranks self-extracting?JS Haiku Shop
Mar 19, 2003 12:48 PM
I have the campy 10sp bb/cassette lockring tool and a set of hex wrenches. is this all i'll need to pull the cranks and bb, re-grease, and reinstall? it's creeking and squeeking like my knees in winter.


Mar 19, 2003 1:19 PM
No. It is just a ring around the allen bolt. I use a standard crank extractor, no problem.

I did have a creak too, it was in the chainrings due to water and dust. Greasing the contacts never worked, so I totally de-greased the whole setup, put it back together with alot of force, and its been quiet ever since.

$hit. Now that I've invoked it, it will start again! ;-)
Hope you greased your threads!Kerry
Mar 19, 2003 5:03 PM
My experience is that you're better off with a thin layer of grease between the crank arms and the chain rings, and certainly greased threads. I don't know if Chorus has aluminum alloy chainring bolts, but if you put them together without grease, you're very likely to have serious galling problems. IME clicks and creaks are typically from the BB not being well greased and tightened to specification when installing.
Threads, yes. Other contact points, no IMHO. hmSpunout
Mar 20, 2003 4:59 AM