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Ebay Auction of the Day- BALLS!(8 posts)

Ebay Auction of the Day- BALLS!filtersweep
Mar 18, 2003 6:22 PM

no reserve (no caplock key)... starting at $1.00....

Actually, I noticed a disturbing trend. I had been watching a similar auction (no reserve and low opening bid)- the seller chickened out at the last minute and pulled it off auction- so I actually hesitate to truly give it a balls award.
And the stem isn't even cut!sacheson
Mar 18, 2003 7:41 PM
Wow! It is a deal!
re: Ebay Auction of the Day- BALLS!OhioSteve
Mar 18, 2003 8:09 PM
I think if you or someone else has bid on the item the seller can't end the auction. They always tell you your bid is a contract yada yada yada, and to me the OFFER and ACCEPTANCE constitutes a contract so I would make a low bid and see what happens! Sometimes if the sellers have things in the wrong categories or poorly described you can make a killing!
Seller CAN end the auction...Matno
Mar 19, 2003 1:44 AM
It's pretty lame when they do, but there's nothing you can really do about it. The high bidder can't even leave negative feedback because there was technically no completed auction. I think it gets listed on the seller's "bid retraction history" or something like that, but who ever looks at those?

I'm a big fan of auctions that have one big run-on sentence (but not that big), a poor description, and no picture. If you know what they're selling and they verify the components and condition via email, you can score a serious deal. I got my wife a FS mountain bike last year that I could have parted out for $2400 at the then current eBay going rates. Paid $450 for it. Pictures were blurry and had flat tires. Description said nothing about the components, but the "stock" components for the bike were only OK. This guy had built up the frame himself and the cheapest part on it was the Easton CT2 carbon seatpost (which is now on my new Cannondale road bike! ssshhhh!). Sometimes you get lucky...
end earlyfiltersweep
Mar 19, 2003 3:56 AM
all the seller has to do is claim the item is no longer available and the auction can be ended early...
But the bike will STILL probably sell for more than its worthKristin
Mar 19, 2003 7:15 AM
With 7 bidders already in the mix and 6 days to go, this auction will see alot of action and the seller will likely get a great price for the bike.
Already over $3500 (nm)brider
Mar 19, 2003 8:21 AM
I'm curious. What's this bike worth? nmKristin
Mar 19, 2003 8:41 AM