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Any opinions on the Alex Moulton Bikes?(5 posts)

Any opinions on the Alex Moulton Bikes?bill2016
Mar 18, 2003 4:47 AM
Hi, I'm considering getting the Moulton AM18. Does anybody here have any experience or opinions on this bike? Thanks.
very, very droolworthy .....Spirito
Mar 18, 2003 5:04 AM
especially if with campy ;-)

there are some very nice detailed images (not just Moulton's) of a couple @

only seen one in person, it was a single up front and 8 up back, its owner used it for all sorts of rides - time trials, day rides and even for credit card touring with a Carradice. Im yet to ride one so have no personal experience but i have heard nothing but good from owners.

re: Any opinions on the Alex Moulton Bikes?tarwheel
Mar 18, 2003 5:24 AM
One of the local bike shops in Raleigh, NC, is one of the few US dealers for Moulton. They generally stock about a half-dozen bikes and do a lot of special orders. The Moultons I've seen are very high quality bicycles. They aren't inexpensive, but probably comparable in price to most travel bikes.

Give a call or send an email to the owners of the Raleigh shop, Gilbert Anderson and his wife. They are super
nice people and know a lot about cycling. I've participated in some metric centuries that they rode the whole distance on their Moultons. Here's some contact info:

North Road Bicycle Co.
519 W. North Street, Raleigh, NC, 27603
Contact Name: Gilbert Anderson
Telephone: 1 919 828 8999
some negative feedbacksatanas
Mar 18, 2003 7:21 AM
First, let me say that Gilbert is indeed a very nice person; I met him a looong time ago at PBP.

BUT, about the AMs... There are a lot of points to consider, some good and some not so good.

Can be very versatile, comfy ride, low aero drag, good descenders

Attracts way too much attention/pointless conversation/dumb comments, many special expen$ive parts which are often hard to get, no choice of frame size/top tube length, not very stable (small light wheels, minimal trail), gearing is a problem, tyres/chains/cassettes wear out faster due to small size, tyres can be puncture prone, don't climb very well, standing activates suspension, VERY heavy for the price, etc, etc.

I rode an AM in PBP 1987, and it worked quite well, BUT after 1200km the rear tyre was virtually gone (new at the start), and climbing wasn't a wonderful experience. OTOH, when you're not climbing the bike is good - great on downhills.

It is VITAL to ensure that the bike fits you before you buy one. Although a lot of adjustment is possible, this doesn't help if weight distribution is poor, or if you don't like the (very quick) handling.

It is noticeable that about 50% of AMs are dead stock, while the other 50% have virtually all parts changed...

Caveat emptor!

PS: I find that cleaning people's drool off your bike gets rather tedious after a while, but perhaps it's comforting for new baby owners.
If you're thinking about a Moulton....gregario
Mar 18, 2003 10:18 AM
You may also want to check out Bike Friday's. CycleSport recently did an article somewhat comparing the two. I don't have experience with either but after reading the article checked out the Bike Friday website. Looks like everything is custom IIRC. Phil Liggett rides a Bike Friday!