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Sydney(7 posts)

Mar 17, 2003 6:47 PM

This is a question for riders in Sydney, Australia. I am thinking of moving to Sydney but I am wondering where I could live that is still quite close to the city but still have access to good (and safe) riding roads.

I currently live in Melbourne which means I am a bit spoilt at the moment with all the dedicated bike lanes and Beach Rd.

I was thinking Manly might a possiblity? I would be grateful for any of your thoughts.

re: Sydneywillem72
Mar 17, 2003 9:31 PM

The coffee's not so good but the roads are great, the ppl friendly, the weather mild, the houses affordable, the bush beautiful, the quality of life maybe # 1 in Australia (although I've heard Newcastle is a good spot too).

Good luck making your decision.

re: Sydneyclimbo
Mar 18, 2003 5:21 AM
Canberra sucks, the riding might be good but there is naff all else going on there. I guess that depends on your age and family status. I haven't ridden in Sydney much at all but when in Oz I live in Gosford. Great riding up there, plenty of beaches but it's a long commute to Sydney. In Sydney, I would stick to the Eastern Suburbs. Randwick-Botnay has a great club and do plenty of rides and crits every weekend in Centennial Park. Close to the city also but expensive !!
Mar 18, 2003 2:09 PM
Harsh words mate - but we're used to them....

Agree tho that age and lifestage are critical. I did a few years in Brisbane and 6 years in Melbourne before moving here, and it suits me just fine. True the nightlife is a bit limited compared to the big cities (bet it's better than Gosford tho'), but there's a good vibe around a heap of other things - the infrastructure is excellent and it's a wealthy town with a lot of brainy types doing interesting things.

Moving here, the most striking thing was the openness and friendliness of people - in marked contrast to Melbourne, for example. For me, that counts for a lot.

Where do you live when not in Australia?
Anywhere BUT Manly...Iwannapodiumgirl
Mar 18, 2003 2:13 PM
If you want to live close to the City, Manly is not the place to be - a 30 minute ferry ride, a 60 minute car ride in peak hour traffic!

I live in Bondi - 10 minute car ride to the city. Close to Centennial Park, the starting point for many rides around the Eastern Suburbs and rides to Waterfall, La Parouse and West Head.

As for Canberra - the only reason to live there is the fire works and the porn!
Mar 18, 2003 6:39 PM
Plus much much more - most importantly my racergirl. Can't hardly get fireworks anymore - which disappoints her amongst others.
re: Sydneymelbournerider
Mar 19, 2003 4:32 PM
Thanks everyone,

That has given me some ideas about where to live...

Some of the riding in the eastern suburbs sounds good and close to the beach as well. Choice.

See you guys later...