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Getting back to riding after illness.(4 posts)

Getting back to riding after illness.Rich_Racer
Mar 17, 2003 3:47 PM
I have been rather sick and haven't ridden at all for 5 weeks. I did a slow 20 miles yesterday for the first time. How much fitness have I lost in that time? I was doing about 200 miles a week for about a month before that and was about to up the intensity of the training from the base riding level. Where do I need to go with my training to get my fitness back without tiring myself out and wrecking the year more than it already is?

re: Getting back to riding after illness.The Human G-Nome
Mar 17, 2003 3:52 PM
i'm in the same position. i was only out 3 weeks, but i had bronchitis and my lungs are toast. did a 20 miler yesterday and it was great to be back out there but depressing because i realized i had lost so much. i think it's important to vary your training with plenty of rest because it would be a shame to overdue it and overtrain. better to play it safe and come back slower.
re: Getting back to riding after illness.Rich_Racer
Mar 17, 2003 3:55 PM
Not sure what I had - bronchitus or whooping type thing.

Definately agree with the "slowly" concept. Just can't figure out exactly how to play.

I was just about to join San Diego bike club too but I'd be ashamed to ride with them in the state/shape I'm now in. They'd probably push me too hard too.
Ramp it upKerry
Mar 17, 2003 5:23 PM
The general guideline is to increase volume by 10% per week. Only you can determine how you feel at this point, so the real question is where you are starting. If you were laying in bed for 5 weeks, it is a different situation than if you had to lay of hard training for 5 weeks. I would suggest a few more 20 mile rides and see how you feel, then call that the base point. From there, add your 10%. That could be 100 miles per week, or 150, only you can tell.