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First Ride Report...Hit by truck....New bike!(2 posts)

First Ride Report...Hit by truck....New bike!Daddylonglegs
Mar 17, 2003 4:33 AM
With temperatures in the upper 50's Sunday we headed out for some hill work around the Sugarbush Ski Area in central Vermont. Great ride and weather (spring soon?) until the very end of our ride. We ended up at the end of the ride near the entrance to the ski area. Sunday afternoon is a mad rush for all the New Yorkers (and Ma, CT, NJ, no offense) to leave in a hurry for their 6 hour drive home. Long story short, I was t-boned by a pickup entering the from the access road. Only a 10 mph hit, but enough to push me across the road and amazingly staying upright. Right chainstay bent in half, everything else is OK. I was on my Caad 3/Ultegra, so no great loss but now I can replace it with an upgrade, AND no injury.
Has anyone picked up one of the new Van Dessel Campitello frames? Great deal, Altec2 w/ carbon wishbone stays and a Alpha Q fork. They have a crashed frame trade in. Now that's the ticket!!
re: First Ride Report...Hit by truck....New bike!zooog
Mar 17, 2003 4:37 AM
what a way to end a nice ride. glad you were not hurt.