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Sizing(3 posts)

Mar 16, 2003 6:35 PM
My local LBS store has 3 2001 Colnago CT1s (pre B-stay) left: 1 57cm (555 cm top tube) and 2 56 cm (548 top tube). I gave a deposit on one of the 56s, following the advice of the store owner. However, after measuring my athletic body (...), I'm starting to think that the 57 might fit me better. Here are my measurements: Inseam 85-Arm length 59-Torso length 65-Height 1,78- Thigh length 44-Knee to floor 55- Foot length 25 (Using the Britton's Bike shop Fit page). I like to have a 6 centimeter drop from the seat to the handlebar. Any opinions from the fitting experts on the board? Thanks.
re: Sizingzeego
Mar 16, 2003 7:33 PM
Just realized (guess my english isn't very good, 2nd language) that LBS means local bike store... "Local LBS store" is a very redundant redundancy.
re: SizingC-40
Mar 17, 2003 8:01 AM
Trying to make a 1cm decision on the web is tough. The only real difference in the fit will be the head tube length being 1cm shorter on the 56cm, which will create the need for more steering tube spacers and/or a flipped stem.

With my saddle 17cm above the top tube (near the nose), I have a 9cm height difference between the top of the saddle and the top of the bars, with no steering tube spacers and an 84 degree (Ritchey)stem. Flipping the stem to 96 degrees would reduce the height difference to 7cm. I suggest carefully measuring your saddle height from the center of the BB and duplicating it on one of the frames to be sure of the saddle to bar height difference.

The TT lengths are effectively the same, since Colanago makes a .5 degree change in the seat tube angle that effectively shortens the TT length on the 57cm from 55.6 to 55cm.