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Steel bike/building questions.(3 posts)

Steel bike/building questions.cydswipe
Mar 16, 2003 1:30 PM
I took a late '70's John Deere men's ten speed bike apart. The frame is steel. It really isn't very heavy. I would like to build it up into a second bike. Because of it's age and my inexperience at building, what should I look for in components? I mean, are measurements going to be so wild that I can't use modern Ultegra or the like? I also am going to replace the fork. Any suggestions? I'm pretty excited! I'm getting the frame powder coated next month. The standard Suntour GT components are in good shape. They just weigh a lot.
Thanks in advance!
Bring this topic over to the Retro/Vintage forum ...Humma Hah
Mar 16, 2003 1:43 PM
... and waitaminnit on trying to change any of those components. The bike is what it is, and trying to make a modern bike out of it is probably kinda silly. If the paint is halfway decent, and the components all work, I'd restore it to something approximating original.

It is probably closer to my old cruiser in parts. I'd expect trouble substituting a modern headset and forks. There ARE retrofits to put modern BB parts into old BB tubes so you can use a modern crankset, but not all LBSs will know where to get them. The rear dropouts are probably too narrow for a modern wheel -- measure to see if they are 120 mm, if so you'd have to bend the frame to accomodate a modern rig, which is likely to be 130mm or wider.
Done. Thanks Huma.. -nmcydswipe
Mar 16, 2003 1:57 PM