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Hincapie of of all classics(2 posts)

Hincapie of of all classicsbrian n
Mar 16, 2003 9:01 AM

US Postal confirms Hincapie out of classics

The viral infection which has plagued George Hincapie this spring will force the American to sit out the entire month of April, and thus his beloved classics season. In a statement released over the weekend, US Postal's Dan Osipow confirmed Hincapie's forfeit for the April classics, noting that the rider would rest in an effort to recover and rebuild for the Tour de France in July.

"The fact that he has been training and racing with this has caused him great fatigue where the only solution is to rest until his body recovers," explained directeur sportif Johan Bruyneel. "If he was to go on, it would be like a vicious cycle. So for him, this means no classics and probably no races until the end of April or the beginning of May."

Hincapie has lacked the necessary endurance for racing this year, and has frequently woken up feeling feverish. "It's hard to ride your bike feeling like that," he said. Hincapie is understandably despondent about missing the classics. "It's going to be tough, to be honest," he admitted. "As soon as I get better, I will have amazing motivation to train and get back as quick as possible. But, to sit around and watch the classics... It will be pretty tough for me."

Bruyneel explains that the decision to take Hincapie out of action now was taken with knowledge that continuing to race while still suffering could derail Hincapie's entire season. "By doing this, I'm confident we took the right decision to have George at 100% for the second part of the season, for the Tour de France and all the races after the Tour," Bruyneel said. "This will be very different for George, as no classics will give him his first peak at the Tour de France, then the after-Tour classics and the World Championships. This is something new for him, this is a big change."

Too bad, I wanted to see him finally take control at Paris ROubaix this year!

OOPS! Supposed to read "Hincapie OUT of all Classics" -NMbrian n
Mar 16, 2003 9:40 AM