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UCI, spinachi bars and racing(6 posts)

UCI, spinachi bars and racingcyclopathic
Mar 16, 2003 5:13 AM
UCI banned spinachi bars as "unsafe" yet greates safety invention helmets are not mandatory, why?

Yes riding on aerobars in peloton would be a disaster, but I doubt anyone would use them in group since there's no real advantage. UCI could have limited their use to breaks only and disqualify anyone trying to use it in group.

Now, aerobars would give much better chance for small break to survive. Imagine how different road racing would be.
... you're asking theUCI to think??!!??Akirasho
Mar 16, 2003 3:03 PM
... the problems with any organization is that they tend to exclude...

While I can't fantom all of the UCI's rules and regs... I'll agree that the helmet issue (especially in light of recent and past events) seems to ease on by (probably out of tradition).

... A helmet in and of itself however, does not guarentee survival in a crash...

... sadly, sometimes things just go terribly wrong.

Be the bike.
Mar 16, 2003 3:57 PM
wrong organization my bad

actually post wasn't about helmets.. giving aerobars would make easier for breaks to survive and make races dynamic /but I guess sprinters would get screwed up oh well/


PS sorry about Nicole.. don't think she'd survive hitting tree at 50mph even if she were in full DH gear.
re: UCI, spinachi bars and racingTJeanloz
Mar 17, 2003 6:43 AM
Think about what you just posted. And think about the UCI's traditional role in the sport.

Aerobars have the potential to entirely change the dynamic of bicycle racing, giving breaks a much greater chance of succeeding. The UCI wants, at all costs, not to change the dynamics of bicycle racing. Right or wrong, that's what they do.

However, on the safety issue, there is a critical difference between the safety of spinaci-type aerobars and helmets -- a lack of helmet only reduces the safety of the person making the choice; my decision not to wear a helmet doesn't make my fellow riders less safe. This is not true for aerobars, where my decision to use them does make those around me less safe.
re: UCI, spinachi bars and racingcyclopathic
Mar 17, 2003 7:40 AM
agree it would blow race into pieces and make it more interesting to watch.

In terms of changing dynamics want it or not it changed alot in last 20-30 years. Teams got very organized and the level of cooperation btw teams now was unthinkable in '70. When it was last time you saw GC contenders go on break? Overwhelming majority of races either decided in bunch sprint or on last climb.

With respect to aerobars being unsafe, look at team TT. Are they more unsafe then bunch sprints? Also if you notice some pros ride with arms on handlebar (where they'd be if they had clip-ons) and I think it is even more unsafe.

Surely UCI could have put some rules to make aerobars safer like limit extension beyond shifter level and make them round one loop piece so no sharp parts're sticking out. That would make aerobars safe in crashes. And of cause disallow to use them in peloton.
A few [counter]points...TJeanloz
Mar 17, 2003 7:55 AM
I agree that it might blow racing into peices (though Spinaci were legal for 2 seasons, and this was not the outcome). Whether this makes for more interesting drama on the parcours, is another issue -- and I don't think it does. It turns bicycle racing into time trialing, where the strongest man invariably wins. What makes sport interesting are not the moments when the best man wins, but when the lesser man has a shot. A blown apart field is not interesting. A small group off the front, being chased by a bigger, stronger, group is. Reducing the use of radio communication would probably have a better impact trying to regress the sport than encouraging strong riders to always attack.

As for the safety of aerobars in a group, the TTT is an ENTIRELY different animal than another group. The TTT is a practiced synchronicity, timed to the second, and has intense communication within the group. No breakaway is ever as organized as a TTT, though the best aspire to be.

Making aerobars safe in crashes should be an afterthought to preventing crashes in the first place -- by banning aerobar use.