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Help with Trek XO upgrade!(1 post)

Help with Trek XO upgrade!reklar
Mar 15, 2003 5:02 PM
Hey now,

This is a cross post from the cyclocross forum...
I've been lurking awhile. I'm a newbie to road and cross, but have been riding MTB for awhile.

Just picked up a Trek XO and would like some advice on what to upgrade in order to save some weight and just to improve the bike's performance...I don't have deep pockets so I'd like to maximize the weight loss per dollar (I know I could shed a few pounds myself, but that'd be too hard! ;)).

Anyway, here's what's on it:

2000 Trek XO
Shfters/Levers: RSX STI
Rear Derailleur: RSX
Cranks: RX100
Front Derailleur: Nexave
Brakes: STX cantis
Rims: Sun ME144
Hubs: Unknown! The only mark on them seems to be a Z or N..any ideas?
Tires: IRC Cross Country 35C
Pedals: Bontrager RE-1 (similar to shimano SPD)
Stem: Icon -Graphic Series
Bars: Icon
Cassette: Unknown
BB: Unknown

I've got a decent saddle and post, so those aren't negotiable. There's a chance I may race a bit, but the primary use for it will be to ride a lot of road (including lunchtime group rides w/ roadies) and occasionally ride fire roads in norcal.

Any advice will be appreciated!