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Bike Porn! Pinarello Treviso, 2003 edition(3 posts)

Bike Porn! Pinarello Treviso, 2003 editionkickoi_bikerdude
Mar 14, 2003 5:23 PM
Hi folks! I posted a while back about building up my frame and fork, so now I just want to show off the built up bike ;-) Just shy of a set of clipless pedals, and it'll be done. Of course, it may not be a lightweight mega-bucks race bike like what many of you have here, but for my purposes its just A-OK. And with the cash crunch I've been suffering lately, I'm really stoked on how my bike somehow ended up looking and performing better than I expected despite the somewhat low cost mix of new/used parts. The best part is, it even got a complement [that went something like "Hey, very nice Italian bike you got there"] from a rider whom I later noticed, after I caught up with him, was using a much newer (Y2K?) Pinarello Surprise! Now, that comment was something that really took me by "surprise":-p

Also, bidding on eBay gave me half the fun of building up the whole bike, so gotta give props to all the eBay sellers I had transacted with. Ditto with Tom Rakowski of, where I got a good deal on the Campy Centaur components. My very first Campy drivetrain may not be the top end, but they sure are sweet! Sorry for the crappy picture though, I only have a cheap PC-Webcam.

QUERY: BTW, does anyone know of any spray-on product I can use to protect the decals? They seem very easy to peel off, just like the ones it replaced. Also, could this be used for the entire frame as some kind of clear coat? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

mike yngson [mtbiker from new york city]
re: Bike Porn! Pinarello Treviso, 2003 editionstratslingr77
Mar 15, 2003 9:44 AM
Hey, congrats on the bike, it looks sweet! What kind of wheels did you put on it? Have fun and ride the piss out of it!
re: Bike Porn! Pinarello Treviso, 2003 editionkickoi_bikerdude
Mar 15, 2003 5:21 PM
Thanks for the compliment bro. The wheelset? It's an Alex Equation with 16/20 black bladed spokes. Smooth bearings, very silent. No noticeable flex, but I'm only 136 lbs. May have flex problems if a rider is a big dude.

I'll do as you say, and will enjoy using the bike till it falls apart!