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Exploring Eastern Maryland(5 posts)

Exploring Eastern Marylandwhygimf
Mar 14, 2003 9:38 AM
In mid April, I'd like to get to the seashore to reintoduce these northern ski legs back to the saddle. Was looking at Ocean City, MD as the place to hang for a few days (no hills) - arrive mid week for up to seven days -

Any info/tips on the area would be great - will be traveling alone, and 1st time on the bike since Nov - looking to relax, ride, relax, eat well, etc. Probably good for 175 mi for the week. Thanks!
Assateague Island is one of my all time favorite places...Lon Norder
Mar 14, 2003 9:52 AM
It's a long barrier island and national seashore just south of Ocean City. No riding there, but you can hike for miles up and down the beach. Very beautiful and undeveloped white sand beaches. Lots of wildlife and wild ponies too. Might be a fun ride from OC to the headquarters and back. It was my favorite escape when I lived in the DC area.
re: Exploring Eastern Marylandpmf1
Mar 14, 2003 11:46 AM
Its as flat as a pancake out there, but the winds can kick up making it tough going sometimes. Ocean City is a zoo. Might not be so bad in April, but during the summer its very crowded, full of cars and drunken kids. Kind of a tacky carnival atmosphere. Rehobath is a much nicer town. A lot more laid back. Guess my age is showing.

I rented a beach house in Rehobath last summer. I'd get up and ride every morning. You can ride along Rte 1 from Ocean City to Rehobath and back (or vice versa) -- its about 35-40 miles. Right along the coast.

If you're more ambitious, get a detailed map of DE/MD and plot some rides in the interior. IMO, the interior of the Eastern Shore is not much to shout about. I do 3-4 centuries on it every year. Its flat, sometimes very windy (try riding 45 miles into a howling headwind) and not very pretty. Just farmland and lots of chicken dung. I much prefer Virginia. Taking a trip to Assateague Island is worth arranging. One ride I do out there is the Seagull Century. Probably the highlight of that ride is Assateague.
re: Exploring Eastern MarylandLen J
Mar 14, 2003 12:33 PM
There are Bike Lanes on Rt 1 from Ocean City all the way to Dewey Beach. Long Flat & Wide. For the riding you are describing, this would be best. Time your ride to the wind. Wind will be calm early and gradually increase as the Land heats up faster than the Water. Lots of fast traffic on Rt 1 but the bike lanes are wide. Watch out for tourists.

re: Exploring Eastern Marylandpmf1
Mar 14, 2003 12:54 PM
The lane next to Rte 1 is exceptional. Its easily a good carlane wide, free of debris (they run a streetcleaner over it) and very smooth. Cars drive fast on Rte 1 (60 mph), but the lane is so wide its not a big issue.

If you have any questions about that area, post them. Enough of us (myself included) know OC/Bethany/Rehobath pretty well.