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Windoze box just crashed. I heard that MS made some silly(9 posts)

Windoze box just crashed. I heard that MS made some sillyKen of Fresno
Mar 14, 2003 8:49 AM
offer that they would supposedly give you a free copy of the latest versoin of XP if your version crashes. Anyone know the details on this offer? I've been using XP for a few months now and this is the first crash that I wasn't able to cntrl-alt-delete out of. I sent the error report, but very little info was offered as to a possible cause of the crash. I'm more interested in potentially getting a free copy of XP. :) Sorry for the noncycling related topic.

this is probably the wrong place to askFez
Mar 14, 2003 9:01 AM
You could search a bunch of Computer Message Boards.

As long as you have the original Windows XP disk or the Recovery CD, why would you want another copy? You just go to and get all the fixes (i wouldn't be surprised if there are over 50 updates - not a problem with broadband, but a PITA if you are on dialup).

The only major update to XP Home is Service Pack1, but I would not recommend installing it unless you've tried everything and XP still sucks. Lots of folks who had a decent running machine experienced worse performance after installing it.

Some new PCs ship with the Service Pack 1 preinstalled, but the retail version of Windows XP has not changed since the introduction. You can buy the Service Pack1 on CD from Microsoft for a nominal fee if you don't want to download it.

I just use XP and all the relevant updates and avoid the Service Pack like the plague.
re: Windoze box just crashed. I heard that MS made some sillyraboboy
Mar 14, 2003 9:01 AM
i think you heard wrong.
MS and free don't go together.
You are probably correct. nmKen of Fresno
Mar 14, 2003 9:14 AM
re: Windoze box just crashed. I heard that MS made some sillylaffeaux
Mar 14, 2003 10:06 AM
You might not care, but XP is a bit of a security risk for computers. I personally would not consider it an option. Win2000 (a bit pricey) is a great OS, and if you want to stay cheap I'd go Win98 before XP. Of course most people don't care about security, and for a home computer it's less of an issue.
re: Windoze box just crashed. I heard that MS made some sillyFez
Mar 14, 2003 10:30 AM
As long as you don't need the security that a large corporate network requires, then XP is fine.

The problem with older op systems like Win98 is they have no drivers for newer peripherals. Setting up broadband, home networks, and wireless access is also more of a pain.

So you end up having to download tons of additional software and drivers to make Win98 work. But it does work OK, especially on older computers.
XP is alot more stable than w2000 though . . .Rich_Racer
Mar 14, 2003 10:46 AM
as long as you have all the right drivers for your hardware.

I don't think MS are giving away new XPs but you can constantly download updates for free - and it's set to do this as a default.. Usually security patches though.
Both of 'em are tempting me to set up a Linux machine ...Humma Hah
Mar 14, 2003 4:50 PM
I have some software that runs fine on a 400 Mhz under NT, loading the processor about 50%. It totally overloaded my 1.1 GHz laptop running XP, pegging the processor utilization at 100%. We replaced it with W2000 and it would run for a while at nearly 100%, then lock up.

It looked as if 2000 and XP were putting a lot more crap in the graphics processes. I checked the settings. Those idiots have set the default video settings at 32-bit color!!! There is NO TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN POSSIBLY UTILIZE 32-BIT COLOR, nor will there be for at least a millenium. I set it down to 256-color and it ran acceptably. Still not as well as the stone-axe NT machine, though.
Are you DAFT, man?Humma Hah
Mar 14, 2003 4:30 PM
We've had a couple of machines here with it, and everyone's first impression is that they HATE it.

Then they use it for a week or two, and have it REMOVED FROM THE COMPUTER and replaced with W2000. Which they also hate but not quite as much.