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HELP!! Staying up nights: Look 381 vs. Fondriest P4???(4 posts)

HELP!! Staying up nights: Look 381 vs. Fondriest P4???Longboarder
Mar 13, 2003 8:48 PM
Has anyone compared a Look KG381 and a Fondriest P4? I've ridden a dozen bikes and material sets and the Look stands out. It has the right combination of stiffness/response and road feel and it really tracks well...but I haven't been able to ride a P4. I like to climb and basically go fast. I'm 168lbs and proportional size if that helps anyone. Assuming price is equal and I fit both bikes what are the opinions? I'm really agonizing and need to choose soon or I'll lose my job and my cat will go unfed. Few shops carry both so it's difficult to avoid the sales pitch. Thanks!
re: HELP!! Staying up nights: Look 381 vs. Fondriest P4???S-U-B
Mar 13, 2003 9:10 PM
tough call. You have kind of answered your own question regarding the ride of the 381. I also have a 381 that I love and I am the same weight as you. The P4 is quite a bit lighter if that is what your into. I dont like the smashed top tube look myself. As far as asthetics go, the 381 is a much nicer looking bike in my opinion, and will build up reasonably light as well. Mine weights in at 18 lbs. with pedals (396's) cages and computer and it's a 55cm. The only way to rule out the Fondriest is to ride it. Have fun with your decision, can't wait to buy my next ride. I will have to wait a couple years though since I just picked up a Derosa Merak frame to put together.
won't fit the same...C-40
Mar 14, 2003 7:14 AM
There is significant difference in the geometry of these bikes. LOOK as 72.5 STA and relatively short TT lengths, which are effectively made shorter by the 72.5 STA.

Fondriest is available in more limited sizes, has steeper STA and longer TT.

Better figure out which one is most likely to fit.
Look 381/Fondriest P4Bixe
Mar 14, 2003 5:00 PM
The P4s have been out of production for more than a couple of months now. When the Dedacciai main triangle tubes showed up at the fall show displays of Ciocc, Casati, Gios and several other builders, Fondriest pulled the plug. That's why CC has most of the remaining P4 stock in the U.S. The stateside P4 Group also dissolved their retail distribution and is selling current models direct; the reason CC is discounting what they have left. So there won't be any replacements..

As mentioned previously, the 381 is a bit heavier and rides a bit smoother over the rough stuff. My P4 is set up with Campy 10, carbon cranks and Eurus, so the setups skew the ride comparisons (I'm 6'0" and 175 lbs). A more equivalent ride to the P4 might be the KX.

The P4 does have a ‘distinctive' look. My preferences generally run more towards understated themes, but the P4 rides so well.. I like both of them for different reasons, mostly personal preference or just how I feel in the morning when I have to decide which one to roll out. FWIW, there's a spot in my stable awaiting a 486.

This is indeed a tough call. My choice? KG381i. You'll enjoy it.
Btw: P4 size 57c-t has a 57 cm top tube w/ 73 Sta. KG381 Size 56 c-c has a 56.9cm top tube w/ 72.5 Sta.