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Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite Frameset(16 posts)

Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite Framesetlitesp
Mar 13, 2003 9:42 AM
I'm getting ready to break open the piggy bank for a TCR Composite frameset. I've been assured that the Team through One models are exactly the same except for the decals.

I'm asking any current tcr composite owners if there are any quality shortcomings that I should be aware of.

A friend of mine had an 02 TCR AL frameset which had a few annoying defects - loose bottlecage rivets, seatpost clamp stripped threads, peeling decals, rear end 5mm off.

How does the composite frameset assemble? Are threads clean, bb and headtube square, alignment acceptable?

Also, are replacement r. gear hangers readily available from LBS and HS bearings and cups compatible with aftermarket stuff, seat collar replaceable?

Here's my final build with the goodies that ...Live Steam
Mar 13, 2003 1:46 PM
came in the mail today! This is my second TCR. I had the AL version prior. I never had any trouble with that and the finish and detailing was just fine. No loose bottle cage nuts or anything like that. The carbon composite is just as perfect. The only thing that I see may be a problem down the road :O) is the matte finish and some of the decals. The yellow and white graphics and the "GIANT" logo and the "TCR" logo are painted on, but it appears that it may be over the clear finish. I am not exactly sure about this though. But the "ONCE" and "Composite" are stickers. Kind of cheesy if you ask me, but that's OK as I may eventually rid the frame of these anyway. I have been contemplating spraying the frame and fork with a good clear coat. I think it will look better in a glossy finish like the rest of the carbon components. That isn't going to happen any time soon though. As for the ride, well it is the first carbon frame I ever road. My reference for riding purposes is my other two bikes - a Colnago Crystal (steel with Uzo Pro fork and carbon SP and bars) and a Klein Quantum Pro with the Bontrager Race X Lite fork made from OCLV carbon. My words for describing the ride - Magic Carpet - Smooth as Silk :O) I don't know how durable it is or how many miles I can expect to get out of it, but it is a fine riding machine and I have been able to dial it in perfectly thus far. I will remove 1cm of spacer from the 2.5 in the pic, once I get my flex back this season :O)
re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite FramesetLactate Junkie
Mar 13, 2003 2:09 PM
No shortcomings at all--except that it says Giant and not something with an o on the end.

Went together very well. Replacement hangers are available, the headset is FSA. Seat collar is stock size and separate not welded on.

The thing is super--make that SUPER light. I am riding a size large and with a few small tweaks and racing wheels the thing is just a hair under 14lbs!!
re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite FramesetLive Steam
Mar 13, 2003 2:43 PM
My frame is a small with the following:
- Record 10 Gruppo with 13-26 Ultra Drive cassette and medium cage rear der.
- Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL wheels and Axial Pros
- Easton carbon bars 44cm
- ITM stem 100mm
- Deda Balckstick carbon seatpost with magnesium head
- Record seat collar
- Selle Italia Prolink Gel saddle
- Carbon Lord carbon cranks
- Speedplay X3 pedals
- Elite Patao bottle cages
- Specialized wireless computer

Hmm? My bike wieghs 16.2lbs on my buddy's bike scale in his shop. Must be the Speedplay X3s that does it :O)
re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite FramesetThorman
Mar 13, 2003 3:15 PM
I too just built up a TCR this winter and so far I love it. Very smoothe ride indeed, not to mention light as hell. My size large is 15.9 lbs and I've got some of the lightest components you can buy on her. Not sure how the previous poster got his bike under 14 lbs. I would guess that was a typo or his scale needs some adjustment. If it truly is under 14 lbs. I'd like to see the build sheet.

The only quality issue I've seen so far is that one of the "Composite" stickers on the seat tube has peeled a little. I'll probably just take them off anyway so I'm not really worried about it.

re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite FramesetDutchy
Mar 13, 2003 3:42 PM
Buy one you will not regret it! I have been ridning my TCR1 since early January and it is amazing, very light, very stiff for climbing but smooth over the bumps. I put on Krysium SL's and with Ultegra it weighs 16.5lbs/7.5kg with cages, speedo and look pedals.

An excellent bike.


Same as Dutchy...Souxsie
Mar 13, 2003 7:14 PM
...I have the "1"

I took all the cheesy removable stickers off. The other graphics are silkscreened by the way. Am planning to upgrade to Velomax or Speeddream wheelset and save the cosmics for cyclocross.

The frame I received had one slight defect. A little 1 cm dip where there must have been a bubble in the coating. It is located where the top tube and stem meet. Not a structural issue, but if you're looking for perfection...well...

Coming from a MTB background the carbon helps smooth out the bumps to my liking. It's certainly stiff enough but I'm a small rider.

The only big complaints I've heard from others are the whole compact vs. regular frame thing. You know, sizing issues and all that. But these are people who don't even have a TCR anyway.

My only immediate concern is cable rub on the carbon. I have also been waiting for a different size stem to come from Giant. A couple of months actually, but it sounds like this wont affect you.
Cable rub ...Live Steam
Mar 13, 2003 7:44 PM
The place where you got the bike/frame? from should have given you the little packet that contains the warranty. I there is a sheet of precut clear protectors that you can stick to the frame to protect it from cable rub.
yeah, but...Souxsie
Mar 14, 2003 6:42 AM
Some of them are coming off. Yeah, I know I probably didn't apply them right, I was too excited about my new bike.

I should go get some more. Anyway, I'm knew to carbon frames. Do all manufacturers have to supply these protectors?
Same as Dutchy... Silkscreened on over or ...Live Steam
Mar 14, 2003 6:16 AM
under the clear finish? They appear to be above the clear finish.
Over, I believe...Souxsie
Mar 14, 2003 6:49 AM
In my opinion they are above the clearcoat. I used to do some product silk screening when I was younger and this looks REAL familiar.

There is a chemical you can use to remove it but it might damage the frame. I guess I'm speaking heresy anyway aren't I?
Since the frame is clear coated 3M adhesive remover.....johnrg
Mar 14, 2003 8:22 AM
will help once you peel back the decals on the fork and seat stay. I've also used plain vegetable oil to dissolve the adhesive. Just wash the area and apply wax after.
re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite Framesetjohnrg
Mar 13, 2003 9:11 PM
Yes. All the frames are the same. I got this frame a few weeks ago and transfered components from my other bike. After 800-1000 miles I am very happy. No rattles, no loose fittings and while I did not do my assembly headset is smooth dropouts are aligned and all else looks excellent. I'm not concerned with parts and Giant should be better than most manufacturers. With the number of these frames I've seen on the road recently this is got to be the most popular frame this year.

I like the blue frame the best. n/mSouxsie
Mar 14, 2003 6:50 AM
re: Quality Question - Giant TCR Composite FramesetThorman
Mar 15, 2003 4:22 AM
Nice looking ride!

Thanks Scott ;-)johnrg
Mar 15, 2003 7:52 AM
Thanks Scott ;-)