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Stem police, should Lance remove spacers and flip the stem(22 posts)

Stem police, should Lance remove spacers and flip the stemkai-ming
Mar 12, 2003 9:16 PM
If it is good enough for Lance, it is good enough for mekai-ming
Mar 13, 2003 3:40 AM
Why? Then his bike wouldn't look as cool...Matno
Mar 13, 2003 3:42 AM
Who cares about the extra weight of an inch of carbon fiber? I'll bet not even Lance could feel that! On the other hand, nothing is uglier than a riser stem (although some are worse than others)! It doesn't take a pro to know what looks good...

yours truly,
the riser stem police
Okay I don't get itgtscottie
Mar 13, 2003 6:09 AM
I guess this is a stupid question but I don't get what the big deal is about stems. I see it time and time again on the forum. Is it the weight or the looks

Help me understand
Let me explain...filtersweep
Mar 13, 2003 6:20 AM
... you dress a bunch of guys up in garish lycra and they get a bit oversensitive about the "stem issue".

It truly is nonsense- I had two bikes- one with a quill, the other threadless: to have the bars at the exact same height I used a few spacers on the threadless setup. A zero rise stem will appear to rise based on the tube angle. I really don't care what anyone else thinks... many quill stems had a mountain of chrome on top of the tube anyway- contrasted to the nothing-there design of an integrated headset? Of course people are going to be using some spacers-
Let me explain...gtscottie
Mar 13, 2003 6:53 AM
Ahh it all makes sense now.

Mar 13, 2003 6:25 AM
Flipped stems are the worst. From the photo, it looks like about 1 CM of spacers.
Are you measurement challenged?53T
Mar 13, 2003 6:33 AM
There are at least 2.5 cm of spacers in that pic.
If it is 1", I'd have to give him some lip.MR_GRUMPY
Mar 13, 2003 6:45 AM
I'd have to ride up next to him, and say " Got enough spacers on that bike, stem boy."
Why don't you just drop him instead?nmFez
Mar 13, 2003 7:18 AM
Really, who gives a rats a--? Ridiculous fashion police! nmMrDan
Mar 13, 2003 6:39 AM
He's no spring chicken anymore, gotta get those bars up! nmrwbadley
Mar 13, 2003 7:44 AM
Back problems + a stock bike = stem spacers..... nmMR_GRUMPY
Mar 13, 2003 7:58 AM
won TdF 3x that way; I think I'd leave it aloneDougSloan
Mar 13, 2003 8:29 AM
The first time was with a quill.

re: Stem police, should Lance remove spacers and flip the stembrider
Mar 13, 2003 8:33 AM
If he removed the spacers and flipped the stem, his bar position would be even higher.
Like many of us, he probably can't afford a new stem anyway...Matno
Mar 13, 2003 1:11 PM
Right. I'm actually surprised, that doesn't look like the lightest stem I've seen. I guess he is one of those people who actually NEED a stiff stem...
spacers have that advantagecyclopathic
Mar 13, 2003 10:36 AM
that you can move them from under to top and adjust bar height position. I'd bet Lance does it too.
I second thatkai-ming
Mar 13, 2003 3:40 PM
Fashion start by the pro. Let's go and add some spacers.
re: Stem police, should Lance remove spacers and flip the stemelrey
Mar 13, 2003 4:43 PM
I am pretty sure I remember reading that Lance has some back problems. That is why is back is rounded when he is in the drops. I am sure that he can't be that low for that long.
he also prefers shallow barscyclopathic
Mar 13, 2003 6:16 PM
which I happen to like to but I am only 5'5" and 165-170mm drop makes me feel uncomfortable.. to upright on hoods too low in drops
Must be an old pic. When was LA #2?Live Steam
Mar 13, 2003 6:44 PM
I also can't believe how much info some people can extrapolate from that pic. "Looks like a heavy stem". How can you tell that from the pic? It looks like most threadless stems. I can't even tell what make it is.
Picture from SF Grand Prix 2002kai-ming
Mar 13, 2003 10:13 PM
Check it out from photo gallery of this site.