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Aero Bars(2 posts)

Aero Barslexington476
Mar 12, 2003 4:46 PM
What do aero bars get you in a time trail? I am thinking about doing my first TT in a few weeks. Just wanted to get some info on them? Worth it? Any basic ones I can order on-line (they would be only going on a $600 road bike)?
Can be 1.5 mph, IFKerry
Mar 12, 2003 6:23 PM
And the IF is that you must not get into a position where your breathing is compromised. This may involve moving your seat forward to open up the angle between chest and legs. Otherwise, you can find yourself in the situation where your legs are telling you that the bike is easier to pedal but your lungs can't get enough air. If your legs are hitting your chest, you're not getting the benefit of the aero bars. Plus, you have to get used to them so that you are comfortable steering while putting out full power and not weaving all over the road and not getting a sore back, etc. Practice a lot with the bars before the TT.