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San Diego Road Rides!?!(3 posts)

San Diego Road Rides!?!damelton
Mar 12, 2003 1:01 PM
I am due to visit san Diego in August. What are some good road or group rides within easy reach of the bay as I will staying at the Ocean Park Inn 710 grand ave. zip 92109. I prefer rides that are challenging if that is any help.

Any suggestion would be appreciated

Dale A. Melton
We always tell folks to start ...Humma Hah
Mar 12, 2003 4:15 PM
... by riding the Pacific Coast Highway up toward the north end of the county, Carlsbad and thereabouts. The trouble is, that's fairly easy riding. PCH is not always called that, but its the road that, were you to go any further west, would result in your bike getting wet.

The biggest climb on the PCH is coming back south to Torrey Pines, a paltry 320 ft or so at maybe 5-6%. The park road paralleling this is considerably steeper. In La Jolla, try climbing Mt. Solidad from the coast, not from the south. Grades can hit somewhere in the low 20% range up that little 700-ft bump. The roads up from the south are an easy climb on my cruiser.

For a better challenge, grab a local map, and pick any of several routes east off the PCH from Solana Beach to Carlsbad, converging on Rancho Santa Fe (Via del Valle is one of these, I think). From Rancho Santa Fe, head east to Lake Hodges (the road is Del Dios or something to that effect). Climbing to Lake Hodges is a pretty good workout, then you can cut over toward Escondito, turn around, and climb back up again. For a longer ride with more climbs, there are more involved routes going over to Ramona and then back down to Poway, and you can make a big loop out of that. Most roads in the area range from OK to excellent for cycling.

The real torture fans climb Mt. Palomar.
re: San Diego Road Rides!?!Bruno S
Mar 12, 2003 9:44 PM
August? Try posting this again in July.

There are two group rides you can do on Saturdays that start close to mission bay. The "Saturday Ride" hosted by SDBC is a 45 mile loop that starts at 8:30 7 miles from where you are staying. It heads north-east through Rancho Santa Fe and then returns along the coast. Scenic and in general a very good ride. expect 60-80 people. for details. They also have Sunday rides.

The other is the Swamis ride that starts at 8:00 in Solana Beach in the parking lot of the B&L bike shop. This one is about 15 miles from mission bay and its a 40 mile loop. The pace is wicked on this one especially when it hits the hills. Also a very good route. Expect 60-80 riders as well.

Another classic San Diego ride that you can do from Mission Bay (besides the one Humma suggested) is the climb up to Point Loma (Cabrillo National Monument). Climb all the way up to the Light House for stunning views of San Diego Bay, downtown and the Pacific Ocean.